An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Very sparkly flower ring

I bought this at a local Aldo shoe store about a year ago, and when I wear it I usually don’t wear any other jewelry. Because it is so over-the-top and I’d look like I’d been bedazzled by a blind crack addict. Alone, though, it…

March 24, 2008


Jon took this photo of me and the dogs standing out in front of the house on the sidewalk. We’re looking up at the chimney waiting for something magical to happen. Details to come…

Blissfully unaware

This is my nephew, Adam, and he’s now about six weeks old. I got to hold and cuddle him yesterday, but here he is sleeping after a huge meal, unaware of the raging political discussion going on around him. Psssst! Adam! GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL.

Agreeing to disagree

Yesterday we had an Easter lunch with my mother and brother’s family, and while my mother and I were cleaning the kitchen I reached over and turned off the faucet she had running for no reason. “You always do this,” I said referring to how…