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Learn to fly again

We’re headed out to Joshua Tree National Park today to do some hiking, and I think we’re most excited about the drive to and from because we finally discovered the 80’s station on the satellite radio in the car. Last night on the drive home…

April 9, 2008

Them apples

Not enough boobies on this website? Fixed.

J. Crew flip-flops

I bought these last year at an end of season clearance, and you can imagine the joy I felt at breaking these out so that I could pack them for my trip to Palm Springs. I have worn them every day this week, and it’s…

A smoke break

Coco is playful and loving and acts very much like a puppy only when she has determined that she can take a break from her job of making sure everything is okay. She is always working, always monitoring the location of every family member, always…