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Our little hippie

Leta agrees: this tastes so much better than the stuff made from heroin-addicted hooker chickens.

April 14, 2008

Because my brother doesn’t have his own blog

The following is a recent conversation my brother Ranger had with his daughters Sienna, age 10, and Rachel, age 8. Ranger: “Rachel, if you don’t sit down right now I’m going to sell you to the gypsies.” Rachel: “The gypsies? Where do the gypsies live?”…

Right before he peed into my Cheerios

I may hire Chuck to model the clothing I feature in the Daily Style section, but I get the feeling that he’s a little bored by fashion. Maybe he’d be interested in the bacon bra.

Hand-crocheted scarf

This scarf was a gift from my friend, Cami. I love that the pattern and colors are all willy-nilly which is a lot like Cami’s personal style. I only wish I had had the confidence to carry off fashion like she does when I was…

Leta’s favorite color

This is another one of the many blooms we saw on our hike at Joshua Tree, and yes, pink is Leta’s favorite color, at least today it is. Yesterday is was purple. And last week it was blue. She gets that indecision from her father.