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Media blitz

This week was swallowed up in a chaotic frenzy that started Monday morning when a photographer for a local Mormon-owned newspaper showed up to take a picture of me and the dogs to run with a story from the Wall Street Journal that they would…

April 18, 2008

Hippo sugar bowl

This was a gift from a reader named Monica (hi, Monica!), and the funny thing is that I have been eyeing this particular sugar bowl since I saw it at an Anthropologie in San Francisco in February. I was going to buy it then but…


Yeah, I’d say Chuck was definitely a deer in a previous life. A deer who ran away from home because his dad laughed at his poetry.

Mr. and Mrs. Zebra

Thought I’d change up the background a little bit, so instead of setting the animals on top of white printing paper I positioned them on the seat of the bar stools in the kitchen. Many of you have asked if I’d make these available for…