An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


Last Thursday was day four of my cleanse, and at about 3:00 PM that afternoon my caffeine-withdrawal headache subsided for a few hours and I got a rush of energy that I had hoped would be an indicator of things to come. But that night…

June 25, 2008

Armstrong photography

Jon opened up his own etsy shop a few weeks ago to sell some of his photographs, and his experience has been a bit of a test run for what I’d like to do with my own. Here we’ve printed out a few of our…

Where my accessories go to die

I bought this headband thinking I’d wear it all the time, but it’s so tight it starts to restrict blood flow to my head after about fourteen seconds. I’m thinking it looks better on him anyway. Although, do you get the feeling that if you…

The color of princess fingernails

On one of the days that Leta was sick we painted her fingernails to try and make her feel a little better, and she loved it right up until we told her she couldn’t touch anything or use her hands until her nails had dried….