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Should probably replace the batteries in our walkie talkies

Jon: “Hey, baby. What’s up?” Me: “Not much. Just sitting over here on this side of the couch reading tweets on my phone.” Jon: “How you doin’?” Me: “Um, I’m fine. How are you?” Jon: “No, how you doin’?” Me: “I’m doin’ fine.” Jon: “How’s……

September 2, 2008

42-year-old matchbook

Jon found this while rummaging around his mother’s junk drawer, and it’s still full of unused matches. I love the vintage design, makes me think of men in gray suits climbing into long Cadillacs to drive to their jobs as accountants. Which I guess means…

Can I get some help here?

They were making all this noise when wrestling this morning, and then it got really quiet. So I walk in to see who broke what, and it turns out that Coco is stuck on Chuck’s back. And neither of them know what to do next….


This was the audience at the Regina Spektor show, and during some of her slower, more deliberate songs no one said a word. It was like attending church for hipsters. And it was awesome.