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Text message conversation with Carol last evening

Carol: “Basie found herself in the mirror. It was pretty cute.” Me: “So you guys decided on Basie?” Carol: “Well, sort of. About ten minutes ago we almost changed it to Destin. I love it but Chris thinks it sounds like Desitin, and he’d rather…

September 23, 2008

Hand-carved wooden antelope

These elegant antelope are also from Pardon My Vintage, and they have found a permanent home above the fireplace. Although to make room I had to move two porcelain elephants, a granite hippo, and six glass birds. Yes, I have problems.

Wanna be startin’ something

A reader in Toronto named Shannon found these sunglasses at a dollar store in Sutton, Ontario. And that led me to waste two hours of my life watching Michael Jackson videos on YouTube. Dude, do you remember how amazing he used to be? With the…