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The rhetorical question

Last week I posed a completely rhetorical hypothetical question about whether or not you would donate money to a starving family on the condition that you would have to give the same amount of money to someone who would use it to buy crack. Contrary…

October 9, 2008

Professional platinum make-up brushes

Last time we were in San Francisco we stopped at the Sephora store near Union Square and I picked up these make-up brushes. Yes, they are indeed an investment, but they’ll last forever, and they make the hugest difference in terms of whether your make-up…

L. Mortimer Armstrong

Time again for another infrequent update on Lou, the least demanding member of our family. Lou swims happily around his bowl most of the time, occasionally stopping and flaring his fins in an attempt to look menacing. And if I could I would totally snuggle…

Careless whisper

Not sure what he’s telling Coco here, obviously something he didn’t want us to hear, obviously something I’m glad I couldn’t hear.