Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

In celebration of That Awful Dog

This week marks Coco’s first birthday, and to celebrate I’ve gathered most of the Daily Chuck photos that feature her and set them to music. Consequently, this video also turned out to be a celebration of Chuck’s enduring patience. I know, I know, we’ve never done this for Chuck, but I intend to put one together next March to celebrate his seventh birthday. But don’t worry about Chuck, right now he’s lying on the couch eating a bologna sandwich.

Many thanks to Maker’s Mark bourbon for helping us survive a year of living with Satan:

(Soundtrack is “The Fear” by u-Ziq)

  • Tanya

    Her little puppy fangs were so ridiculous. She’s very naughty, but very, very cute.

  • Monica

    Coco is too cute, even if she eats poop.

  • nikki

    Sure, sure. We all think it’s a cute video. But what does LETA think of it??? 🙂

  • Don

    I didn’t realize Coco was so young. Normally I would reassure you that after the second birthday the dog will calm down. Sorry. This breed keeps bouncing off the wall.

    Remember, what doesn’t kill you…, no, let’s not go there.

    Maybe you should be grateful for all the material Coco is giving you for your blog. That’s it. Focus on the interesting material the rest of us can laugh at.

  • That’s a great montage! My favorite is the photo of Chuck and Coco at the beach, with Coco coming towards the camera with her tongue out- such a cutie. Hard to believe there’s evil in such a cute face!

  • No Dramas

    The way you talk of Coco reminds me so much of my husband, all “little shit” stuff but everyone knows deep down how much love you have for both dogs.
    I am always amazed at how quickly puppies grow. I can see a lot of my blue heeler (another aussie dog) in some of the ways Coco stands and in her eyes.

    Happy Birthday Coco and Here is to another year to the Dooce’s!

  • mamalea

    Coco is a beautiful little shit. So beautiful that I just burned my cookies while watching the video.

  • Jen

    Almost makes me want to get a second dog…but then I think about the stories of poop being tracked through the house and, well, that right there stops the desire pretty quickly.

  • My favorite part is the fade out into “you little shit”. HAR. And now I am trying to talk my husband into getting me a dog just like her, despite all the puking and shitting. Happy Birthday, Coco.

  • Samantha

    Hello, my name is Samantha and I’m a Dooce-aholic. Loved this video! Love to read about your adventures. Thanks for giving me much needed giggles at work!

  • KAS

    The whole time the video was running, my son (who is 1 1/2) insisted on sitting on my lap, saying “good girl” since every creature on four legs is a “good girl” and not a dog, cat, etc. Blame it on my mother. There are two dogs at her house, both female, and they are always “good girls”.

    Happy birthday Coco, and thank you again Heather for being the amazing woman that you are.

  • Shes such a little cutie! Love the video!!

  • She’s an adorable little shit. And is it just me, or does she seem to be sporting a sorta Hitler-esque mustache in that last shot?

  • Happy Birthday Coco! Chuck and Coco should just get married already!

  • So cute 🙂 Your photos of her are amazing!

  • Tara

    GAH! So friggin’ cute. My little Boston Terrier pup “Winston” turned 1 on on the 20th. I cannot BELIEVE how quickly they grow up! He’s quite the terror….but a very cute terror

  • So adorable. Great music too. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you don’t mind that I linked to you on my blog.

  • Funny and Cute. Does Chuck still have a tongue? Why is he always trying to kiss Coco as she is biting him?

  • Zee

    I could blah blah blah all day about how much I love reading your blog but haven’t commented before now (the comments are usually at about a gazillion and I tend to think that someone has probably already made my point about 100 comments previously and far more eloquently). But I got my second dog at the same time as you got Coco and a friend recommended I get to reading Dooce, so I did. And it’s wonderful to see that you have the same overwhelimingly heartfelt love for a troublesome, frustrating little twit that I have for my pooch(es). This post is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet since a chimpanzee hugging a baby tiger.

  • Aaawww that tugged at my heartstrings! Particularly your last comment – we have a couple of furry hellions and can understand what special place in your heart that special kind of love comes from!

    I have read your blog daily for years, but I have never commented before. You have made me laugh out superloud, and, you have made me cry at my desk (which really looks ridiculous at work). You are simply FAB, and you are sincerely appreciated by this foreigner who can’t vote in the U.S., but, who enjoys the finer – and the not so elegant – nuances of your 08 election 🙂

    Here is a link to our little (150lbs of clumsy, needy, and loud madness) English Mastiff Tessa’s videos, enjoy 🙂 (This is my husband’s slightly geeky garden blog)

  • There were some new Coco photos in there too, right? B/c I somewhat stalk Coco, and I feel like I hadn’t seen all of these… ;P

    Actually I did something similar, minus the music, for my puppy who is about the same age. Check out the Riley Show if you have a sec!

    I can’t wait for a Chuck retrospective too.

  • Michael

    “Many thanks to Maker’s Mark bourbon for helping us survive a year of living with Satan”

    Hey, where’s the endorsement deal? The banner ad on the right side of the page? YOUR MARKETING SKILLS ARE SLIPPING.

  • cool stuff, cute dog

  • GeeGee

    Aw, Heather. We had a beautiful, furry little Satan, too. We loved her (and wanted to kill her) for 15 years. Coco reminds me so much of her. What a great group of pictures!

    (Our son’s first words were “damn dog.” Wish I was kidding.)

  • I love the song.

    Fricken RIGHT!!!! have a gander. I shall not disappoint. unless…say…u are looking for substance. HAW HAW.

  • Laurie

    Thank you for opening comments on this!

    That video was beautiful! I remember very clearly one specific day this year seeing a tiny fluff ball of a puppy on your blog and then just a few weeks later, she was suddenly the same size as Chuck! She really has changed the energy around the place, hasn’t she.

    Happy birthday, Coco!

  • Awww. I love Coco. She and my at-risk-youth-teenage-boy dog Possum are kindred spazzes.

  • Teri

    Love the video. Love Coco. Love the song. Love love love.

  • I love when the one ear is flopped over and the other is standing at attention, like it’s an antenna picking up a signal through the madness inside her head. She sure is cute for a terrorist.

  • Great video. I love the intelligence in her eyes.

  • Amy

    I was hoping for another chance to see Jawn, Jawn, Jawn… licking the wound.

  • Snithia

    Re: Coco video

    Lurv it beyond wurds.
    HB little doggie.

  • workroom

    awww… mama’s lil poop eater…

  • So yeah, she might be a little shit, a pain in the ass, the spawn of satan, the devil incarnate… but she’s so CUTE! Super intelligent sheep dogs eyes melt me every time.

  • Leah

    So cute in her pretty pink Britney wig. This must mark my one year of reading Dooce because, when I began, you had just gotten the “lil shit”.

  • Man this blog made me want to get a Dog like Coco. Why is she Satan? Has she calmed down at all or is there something more sinister at play?

  • the niffer

    Such a cute little awful dog. Happy birthday Miss Puffs!

  • Amy in MN


  • TheHans

    My husband couldn’t figure out why I was laughing so hard…the last bit of the show was priceless.
    Happy birthday, Coco.

  • RzDrms

    i love schucks. a lot. he’s my favorite-ist.

  • RzDrms

    p.s. who’s coco?

  • Ellen

    Happy birthday Coco!

  • The photo of Coco sitting on the stairs is so regal. She just looks so beautiful. And what a puppy! Amazing.

    I have heard that these dogs can be really naughty up until about age two. What are your predictions for Coco?

    Would you recommend one of these dogs to other people looking for a family pet?

  • Karen

    i used to want an australian shepherd dog and all my friends would look at me like i was nuts/headless. now i understand. you should pour yourself a large fruity alcoholic beverage for being very, very patient. lol.

  • Fantastic pics and the ending was classic – thanks for the pick-me-up with so much economic gloom and doom! Cheers!

  • Erica Hennings

    love the “you little shit” comment at the end!

  • DJ

    She’s adorable! I always loved puppies until I had to spend a day watching my friend’s puppy. I wanted to kill it by the end of the day.
    But she’s a beautiful dog.

  • OMG I forgot how small Coco was when you first got her.

  • Starr

    First time posting but I’ve been to your blog a gazillion times since 06′, I’m a stalker.
    You are my hero.
    I think you kick ass.


  • Sharon

    Love the photos!

    My just shy of 17 year old dog is on the cusp of leaving us. I’m hoping that he’ll go peacefully in his sleep before the situation forces our hand. He’s been such a sweet and loyal companion – okay yes, he’s sweet and loyal and at that same time he’s never met a carpet or floor that he couldn’t destroy!

    Doesn’t really matter though. In the cost benefit analysis he’s given so much more than he’s gotten. I hate that he’s now deaf and mostly blind. At the same time, he manages. Not at his puppy best in any way, shape or form but still he’s not indicating that he’s a wreck either.

    Thanks for your blog – usually funny, often provocative, and almost aways dead on. Definately more than worth the read!

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