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Our in-house recycling plant

When Leta started preschool a year and a half ago I let her take a book with her every day to help her through the transition. I would have let her take a stuffed animal or a blanket had either of those things been the…

November 12, 2008

Woodcut floral file folders

I’m a huge fan of Joy Deangdeelert Cho’s work (you can see her fantastic blog here), and knew that she had created a limited edition set of file folders available exclusively at Anthropologie stores. I was so happy to find them at the one in…


You think it would be fun to climb in there and get all snuggly with them, but there’s something about the whole warm dog smell, a combination of paw stink and hot bad breath, and I just ruined this picture for you, didn’t I?

Cold November rain

We only have a subscription to the Sunday paper but they send us a daily paper as well, something that always goes straight into the recycler, at least when we remember that it’s sitting out there on the driveway. Today there are three unread papers…