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This entry will eventually make sense, so stay with me:

I follow a woman on Twitter named Jelisa Castrodale who goes by the handle gordonshumway, and yesterday I had a good half-hour giggle over this update:

What am I supposed to call it? Has someone come up with a replacement word for it? Because I was going to begin this post by saying that one of the recent albums I bought… and then I remembered her update and got all self-conscious and was all, when kids see me do they go home and have nightmares about zombies? Because I guess I’m old and senile in the sense that I still buy whole albums and not just individual songs. It’s a habit I cannot break, maybe because some bands used to write songs with the theme and dialogue of the whole album in mind? And I’m trying to honor that artistry? Or am I just an asshole?

WHAT DO I CALL IT NOW? The whole collection of downloadable MP3s? Who has the attention span for that? HOW MANY QUESTION MARKS CAN I FIT IN ONE BLOG POST?

God. Whatever. I bought the new Grizzly Bear album Veckatimest, and it is incredible, in particular a song called “Two Weeks” that caused Leta to run into the room when I was playing it for the first time and say, “I believe this is a song we could dance to in the kitchen.” I think that’s the new thumbs up or five-star review, kids. You cannot get a better endorsement than that.

And then yesterday a reader named Alissa sent me a link to this fan video of that exact song, and upon watching it my jaw fell off my face and bounced on the floor. Note: I said fan video. This is not the official video, but something someone made in his spare time out of the love of what he does. I don’t know much about this guy, his name is Gabe Askew, but I hope whoever employs him pays him a lot of money.

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew.

How unbelievable and beautiful is that? Leta heard me watching it on my laptop, came running over, and then we watched it about fifteen times in a row. All of this is to say THE INTERNET IS SO AWESOME. Case in point: the White House corresponded with my husband.

  • Megan

    I love that! And come on, I say album, what else do people call it?

  • We had a similar discussion about albums at our house. I have no idea what to call them, we discussed subbing the word record because what the hell else can you call it? CD is going to be outdated soon.

    And to make matters worse my students think I’m ancient now that I’m in the 30s. I had one say I was cool for being “old” and “not as uncool as some moms out there”. Gee, thanks it’s not like I’m that much older but then I remember the difference between 18-21 to 31 is light years. Then I remembered this student (like most of mine) haven’t known a world without Oprah or McDonald’s chicken McNuggets. They think that everyone grew up with a cell phone in hand at birth & that there’s always been a million cable channels. Ugh, kids these days.

    And that is a great video. I will probably be watching it all day with the “again, again” crowd here.

  • I follow her as well and found the whole blog post that went along with that update so painfully funny – thought of it again this morning on my way to work. I work in the West Village of NYC, and about this time every year all of my favorite places are bombarded with 18 year old girls, who I used to say dreamed of being Felicity, but now even THAT reference is dated. Feeeeeel soooooo oooooooooold.

  • I still call it album, but I embrace my geriatric-ness. So to speak.

  • Use the term “CD” instead of “album,” as in “I just downloaded the new Grizzly Bear CD off xTorrent.”

  • Angie

    I personally like to call them “records”!

  • JD

    That video is AMAZING! Makes we want to put on fuzzy socks, crawl into bed and watch it on repeat for half an hour.

  • Inger

    I think a daily/weekly music thing would be awesome, as another posted! I have ordered more than one “album” after listening to it on your sitye. Rock on, Dooce!

  • Jan

    Frankly I was more impressed with the video than the song itself. The song sounds a lot like a bunch of other songs, or maybe I’m just in one “those moods”, but that video was spectacular! I hope Gabe is working at a video production place or something similar that will let him flex his creativity muscles; otherwise, he should be soon if enough people see that video.

  • I guess the appropriate name these days would be “mp3s” or “songs”

    “Hey! I own all of Michael Jackson’s songs! They’re great!”

    Works well, no? lol

  • That whole album is awesomeskasum, pun not intended cause you hate ska. But so is M. Ward’s new one, since I see you like Grizzly Bear. Paste Magazine is a great investment.

  • Anonymous

    Great song. I have been listening to Grizzly Bear for a couple of weeks now. And Album is totally fine. I mean who trusts anything from a guy resembling Abercrombie anyway? That place died in the mid 90s.

  • Aw, Heather… You honestly need to recommend more music on here. “Two Weeks” is incredible. Gorgeous lyrics.

    I need that album, so I can dance to it in my kitchen, bathroom, living room, wherever.

  • what a gorgeous piece of art. And a great song. Seriously, how the hell are we supposed to experience great music if we only buy singles? Some of my favorite songs EVER are deep deep tracks.

    I feel old when I call them albums too. Maybe collection? I don’t know, iTunes, tell us what to do!

    BTW, the captcha for this comment is: kinkiest Allen. That pretty much sets the tone for my day. Thanks, Dooce.

  • krisos

    Ok, I want to know how your husband got the White House to correspond with him. What’s the secret? I’ve been trying for 3 weeks now, and have not gotten an answer. Is there a special handshake I’m missing?

  • Holy Hell. Now I’m going to spend about 3 hours on iTunes buying this and all those other collections of downloadable MP3s I’ve been meaning to purchase. And it’s going to cost many, many 99 cents.

    That video was rad. And I don’t care who mocks me for saying rad.

  • That was unbelievable. Sometimes when I see things like that, I realize how just how much talent I DON’T have… and then I remember that I’m so glad other’s do so that I can sit on my couch and participate without having to move my feet from their reclined position.

  • Hot hipsters be damned, they’re still albums.

    And WOW re the video.

  • I say “album”, there is nothing wrong with saying “album”, in fact I take pride in saying “album” and I take even more pride in saying “I own that album on vinyl!” Or the even more scandalous, “I own that album on an eight track!”


    Congrats to BLURB on being spoken to by the WhiteHouse! Now that he has their ear… ask him to remind Obama and Biden of the promises they made to the LGBT community when they needed our votes!

  • Um, I’m 24, and I have no idea what you’d call an entire collection of songs all released at the same time by an artist other than an album. I mean, calling it a record would be weird, but it’s still an album, right? Weird outdated words and phrases would include “answering machine” and “roll down the window.”

  • tj

    …Oh for cryin’ in the soup, who wouldn’t love that song & video? If you don’t then you’re a total doof! *giggle* And I say, dance in the kitchen, dance in the bathroom to that if ya have to…lol

    …Yeah, we have a ton of albums, I mean records. Um, songs on black vinyl disks then… :o/

    …I thought Abercrombie was so, like, yesterday. Goes to show what I know, I live in the country. In Missouri. :o)

    …Blessings Dooce Family…

  • That was an amazing video, thanks!

  • Pao

    that is one amazing video. 🙂 thank you for sharing this.

  • I TOTALLY love this song too! I think it’s awesome that Leta’s into it as well. :o) I first heard of Grizzly Bear on It was a recording of them live on Letterman. They are FANTASTIC live!!!

    I’m totally guilty of buying singles now, but I agree with your stance on buying whole albums. I do miss getting the whole “theme” effect. Although, the thing I really miss is album art that’s not in the form of a PDF!!!

  • Kim

    It’s still called an album. An album is a collection, not a format. So it’s an album whether it’s vinyl, CD, digital, tape, or whatever.

    I just got an email today from JamBase about “Matisyahu’s New Album, Light,” so that’s all the proof I need.

  • Christina

    I made the mistake of asking some teenagers what they have been downloading from Itunes lately. I should have just killed myself there b/c they looked at me like I should be eating jello in a retirement home.

    I was informed that THEY don’t use Itunes…only Bit Torrent…duh!

  • WHAT.
    This video is a million times better than the official one! I think my heart exploded in joy!
    Thank you for posting it 🙂

  • M.R.

    Wow, that was a beautiful video. Sounded a bit like the Beach Boys to me. In a good way 🙂

  • andieeast

    “while you wait for the others, to occupy your time”

    So good. Been in love with that album since May when I um, found, a copy somewhere. BUT I’ve bought two actual CD’s since then. one for me, one for my mom.

  • Matt

    That is hands down the coolest video I have ever seen… Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer

    That is so visually stunning–thanks for sharing. And what else would you call an album? It’s a collection of songs, just like a photo album is a collection of photos.

    My captcha was “washington imparted”. Sort of meaningful considering Jon’s correspondence.

  • Katherine

    Delurking to observe that Leta seems highly drawn to songs with strong, percussive, piano presence (ooh–alliteration!). Perhaps it’s time for a piano of her own and lessons? Not that you aren’t sleep-deprived enough, I know, but you could have a musical prodigy on your hands.

  • Kaffaleen

    It is a great song and this fan made video is better than the real one by the band. it is really kind of creepy.

  • beeble

    Grizzly Bear is frikkin amazing!!! Awesome you know about them!


  • Claire

    May I also recommend Animal Collective and Panda Bear? We love these albums, too (I’m 26 and I still prefer that word), especially when paired with Grizzly Bear.

  • Kelli

    This video is like The Cell meets Little Big Planet. In a word: awesome.

  • Amazing!

  • Kerrin

    That might be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen online.

  • Andrea

    I heart Grizzly Bear . . . we have an alternative station in Columbus that has been playing it for a few weeks now and I can’t help but request it on my way home from work every once in a while. So good. Love the video.

  • Bobbie

    It’s like riding through a ride at Disney World, but with awesome music…

  • Great song! (And what great taste Leta has!) I reviewed this exact tune not too long ago and, in the vein of Jon receiving a response tweet from @whitehouse, I would be honored if you would read it: (Should be the first review on the page.)


  • I second what Claire said…get ye some Animal Collective and Panda Bear(same singer)also if you haven’t introduced Leta to Brian Wilson’s Smile album she might like that. It’s pretty sweeping. That and Pet Sounds.

    I shall now clear up this whole album thing….
    An album is a collection of songs put out under one title, artists still call it an album…so continue calling it such.

    The actual vinyl disc is called a record or LP or also album but not exclusively so.

    I have about 3000 or so of those records(LP’s,EP’s and 45’s) so I’m nerdily qualified to answer this.

  • Gosh, and all this time I’ve been trying to get New Kids on the Block to tweet back, when I could have just hit up the White House!

  • I think we should all band together (no pun intended) and keep calling them albums. With heads held high. At least we don’t call them 8 tracks 🙂

  • Barracuda (rollergirl, not palin fanatic)

    Dude – You need to make Leta a MIXTAPE (playlist for all you hipsters) of all her favorite dancin’ songs for now and then burn it for her so she can have it for later. Then she can have SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER whenever she needs! Ummmm YEAH-UH!

  • Jennifer

    Incredible video.

    I say “album” too.

    Screw the abercrombie-ish guy, who is obviously not good enough for Jelisa.

  • I love Grizzly Bear. I’ve been addicted to Veckatimist since it came out and I had no idea there was this amazing fan video!
    You’re lucky Leta likes good music like that… My little brother listens to some horrible tunes and I try to teach him about good music, but he’s not interested.
    I agree that album is a word that should not die and that you were just unfortunate enough to be talking to an Abercrombie moron.
    In fact, I recommend you check out the album “March of The Zapotec and Realpeople Holland” by Beirut 😀

  • Kelley

    I’m 18, and I call the entire collection of songs an album, even though I wasn’t around when they were. What else am I gonna call it, considering I spent most of my life calling it a CD, and that is most definitely not what I’m purchasing any more.

    So there you go, the young person stamp of approval on the word album 🙂

  • Albums are my 2nd true love (my Bambino being the 1st of course)…it’s funny for me to think that people don’t get the vinyl. Which is good for me…..more vinyl for meeeee!!

    What a delightful video – thank goodness for the internet!

  • OHMYGOODGRIEF that is brilliant – of course it is now on the track to being spread throughout the lands, via facebook…

    The internet is our modern town troubadour.

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