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A true Hamilton

  • Sara

    That was great! Her burping and my 4 m/o son’s chainsaw farts, we could take over the world!

  • Oh, that we all could be so free.

  • She’s got the timing down.

  • I can confirm. In fact, as soon as I saw the title, I figured she was going to belch. It is interesting to find that the many branches of Hamilton share so many common traits.

  • She is freaking adorable…even farting! And I would kill for your thin legs!!

  • Maude

    Well, you did ask her to say something to you. She gave it her best and then some.

  • She looks a little cross-eyed…but still adorable!

  • Beth

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think that was a burp ya’ll.

  • Starr

    It never fails, those pesky snails are always in the pudding.


    I love baby noises. And, if you like Polka Bats check out Dutch Sneakers and Flea Keepers. I too love the silly poems and illustrations and I bought both books long before I had children.

  • Jen

    That was a champion burp!

    I am trying to teach my 7yo nephew to burp on command solely to annoy my sister (his mom).

    Gotta love gastric eructations!

  • The funniest thing in a looong time.

    @Jodi Hamilton: That was not a belch.

    PS: My spam block words mean ‘Huge Diper’ in Danish. That’s too funny in context!

  • She said something, alright! Freaking HILARIOUS!!

  • eb

    Am I the only one weirded out by the leg comments??

  • I can’t get the video to work on my computer but I can only imagine how cute and funny it is. I think Marlo’s new nickname should be Leta-Face! The likeness is adorable! Both beautiful girls…

  • Mandy

    Oh my gosh! When did she turn into little Leta?? Her eyes are so huge and gorgeous. And the burp…now that’s impressive. She’s a beauty, just like her sister.

  • Amy

    I swear, she’s the cutest thing.

  • Man, even I feel better after that one!

  • abi

    I cannot believe you allow your little girl to make such offensive noises. UNFOLLOW.

    (Oh my goodness my ovaries are clenching she is SO cute.)

  • Rebecca Lake

    When my daughter was three weeks old, I swear that I said “Hi!” and she opened her mouth and said “Aye!” Talking at the age of three weeks! She started for real with “bye bye” at the age of 7 months. Cute!
    Now she’s 14… if she would just do her homework, all would be well.

  • amy j.

    Sarah, my seven year old just now after seeing this:

    “I bet the first baby ever invented the first fart ever…”

    “Duck for cover, the baby farted.”

    “You know…a kindergartener used bad language with a fifth grader…you know that “F” word…yeah, a kindergartener said that…to a FIFTH GRADER.”

    Have no clue how she made these associations all in few seconds. I’m suspicious though…so I can no longer allow my child to read She’s UNFOLLOWING.


  • Liar. That was totally you. Blaming your stink ass on the baby, already?


  • Rita T

    Too Funny!

  • J. Bo

    Hey, you ASKED her to say something.

    (I’m on about my 500th viewing of this, by the way…)


  • Dogs and babies are the only ones that can burp and it’s cute as heck. Too too funny:) Marlo, you are adorable!

  • When my boys were babies, more often than not such a innocent burp like that would be followed by projectile vomitting.

    Duck and cover.

  • veronica

    Did you call the hoe who “ughhed” you from Maytag and tell her the powers of Twitter prevail?

    Take that Maytag!

  • My daughter is a burper just like mommy. And she announces when she burps just like mommy. Ahhh. Genes.

  • super cute! she is adorable.

    now, heather, here is some unsolicited advice:

    don’t go having 17 more kids like that lunatic in alabama!

  • Christina C


  • I haven’t had time to read your blog in weeks (I’m sure you don’t take offense anyway, but yours is the only one I read anymore unrelated to work…), but HOLY SHIT THESE LAST POSTS WERE BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS!!! This blog gets better every time. Phenomenal. No wonder you’re #26.

  • What a dumpling. What a sweet dumpling!

    Now, where’s that barbecue sauce for those luscious cheeks? I’ll have to go back to school (I’m a culinary school student) and whip some up.


  • Your kid is AWESOME. That’s the first thing that’s made me laugh out loud in awhile.

  • Can’t say you didn’t ask for it… 😉

  • Anonymous

    oh sure, blame the baby, that was totally you.

    ; P

  • i’m sure it smelled like rainbows and sunshine! 🙂

  • Oh little sweet burping baby! So awesome. I bent my head close to my screen to really hear whatever Marlo said … I should have known better … 🙂

  • sally


  • So. Damn. Cute!

    Unfortunately there are only a few times in a girl’s life when burping is considered adorable, so it’s best to document them whenever possible.


    (smiley face added for the benefit of those who lack the ability to pick up on the tone of a post without the subtle nudging of an emoticon to point them in the right direction. Jesus, there’s a lot of pent up rage in the dooce readership…)

  • michelle

    You have to admit, her sense of comic timing is impeccable!

  • QoB

    I have had a terrible evening, and that made it a little better. that was hilarious.
    your laugh is fantastic, and Marlo looks more like Leta every time I see a photo.

  • Christina

    There is so. no. way. you could EVER deny that child is yours. How adorable.

  • I could never get anything done if I had those little cute eyes looking at me. She is so cute!

  • I just love how potty humor never gets old. There’s something about a random fart from anyone (stranger, baby, parent) that brings joy to all – it’s definitely something that unites us. I wonder if certain enemies of the USA who might otherwise want to kill us all would enjoy a united laugh over a fart with us? Something our leaders should keep in mind. . .

  • hippittee


  • Anonymous

    I watched that with my 3-year old on my lap, and he immediately started laughing which set me off in hysterics. Potty humor–it brings families together.

    Keep on rockin’ dooce!

  • Hahaha!! That gave a good laugh. Thanks Marlo!!

  • I liked the moment of shocked silence before you started laughing. Marlo is so cute, as I’m sure you’re aware. BTW, I like your new banner.

  • You are so lucky to have caught that on video! The other day my 2 yo was staring out the window. She turned to me and her dad and let out a belch. Not a burp, but a big, manly, after a case of beers belch. Hubby and I laughed for five minutes while she put her hands over her mouth and oh-so-sweetly said “excuse me!”

    I love your video.

  • Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    When I lived in New York, my best friend and I sat around our kitchen table every Sunday morning, eating enormous bagels with cream cheese and extra lox. We’d read the New York Times and drink tea, looking sort of civilized.

    And then one of us would let out a huge belch. And keep reading.

    Good on ya, Marlo. Sign of character.

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