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The Cuteness

  • curlsz

    Way to clear out a room Heather. Ok that cat IS the beast!!!! And it’s black, if you walked into that house and that thing came running by it would give you a heart attack – especially in the dark.

  • LeashWeCanDo

    OMG. I adore Chuck and the running-out-of-the-room-if-there-is-a-cough thing. TOO funny. I think he’s a germophobe. Does he “shake” with his elbow?

  • kymmi

    Oh my GAH – I loved this one so much. Seeing people with their animals is always a treat.

    You hair, though. We need to talk about your hair and the utter FABULOUSNESS of it. Rocking that look, woman.

  • angieo

    I don’t know if you’ve blogged about the poop-eating issue before, but you can get some sort of a pill from the vet that apparently makes the poop taste bad so they don’t want to eat it anymore. (I suppose it would make it taste *worse*, because my guess is that it tastes pretty bad already.)

    We had to force-feed it to our cat when the dog used to go through her litter box looking for snacks.

  • Geege

    I also have a poo eater – it’s disgusting but I love him anyway. I think that the magical powder the vet gave us to sprinkle on both of the dogs food (cause he’s not picky, he’ll eat his brother’s too) must have been like adding salt and pepper to dinner for my poor little guy.

    I’m going to try the pineapple trick and see if that does it. I’m convinced he doesn’t care though…the grosser the better.

    As for Chuck leaving you in your moment of need (what if you choked while coughing!) – one of my dogs freaks out if we cough, sneeze or take a sharp breath. He sits up out of a dead sleep, looks at us and starts to come over till we tell him we’re okay. Ohhh doggie personalities 🙂

  • Anu

    Hehehe that last part was funny 🙂

  • ruffian2

    I really like how Chuck listens throughout as if he knows you are talking about him…when you do cough, coco is all you OK?-oh we’re out of here Chuck? OK….

    also..why is it that this site/community has stronger security than any of my banking sites? scary….

  • MidLifeBloggers

    I went through the whole rigamarole (and it was a rigamarole!) of joining just to tell you that my dog, Molly, also leaves the room as soon as I cough. She looks like she is really offended, but I’m not sure by what. I always thought her last owner (she’s a rescue) must have been some phlegmy old fart who beat her when he coughed, but seeing Chuck respond to coughing the same way–hey, they both were LA rescues so maybe they were both owned by the same phlegmy old fart. Ya think?

  • Wolf

    My Beagle Bull (Beagle and Pitbull mix) gets hysterical when I sneeze or cough. He gets this face like, “Hey…HEY! YOU GETTIN’ SICK? HELL NO YOU’RE NOT. GO DRINK SOME JUICE!”

    Then proceeds to keep one eye on me and HONK if he thinks I’m about to sneeze/cough again!

    Weird animals. xD

  • kimb

    I wish someone in our family was allergic to cats (not really, but you know…) because we’re up to 4 indoor/outdoor cats and a feral outside cat now. A new kitten just donated itself to us. We have never deliberately gotten a cat. They just arrive.

    But the love of our lives, really, is our geriatric Boston Terrier (who loves to eat cat poop — could she live in a better house?), so I was delighted to see the Boston in the video!

    It was delightful to see Chuck and Coco in action. And Alice’s ginormous pussy.

  • desireefawn

    I was so excited to see that Rebecca has a Boston Terrier like we do! ^_^ They are such cute little stink-podges!

  • uauage

    Heather, I don’t give a damn about dogs, but you my dear, are absolutely GORGEOUS. I love your hair!! And I had never seen a momversation before so I had never heard you speak or “seen” you and now I understand why you have so many haters. It’s like that old Olay ad. Your’re too beautiful. (and smart and funny) I think I hate you! 😀 I kid!

  • rb

    No you are not allergic to cats, because Chuck is clearly feline.

  • kmacp

    Weird. I have a dog named Cooper that was supposed to be a show dog but only had one testicle too. I never thought I would be typing those words to anyone.

  • timmitoler

    The ending to this was priceless. I’m sorry Heather, but I’m really ready for the dooce sitcom or reality show now. Either that or you’re going to have to quit being so damn entertaining.

  • stellasmama
  • bellacantare

    LOL! I waited the whole video for “the cough,” and it didn’t disappoint. That was fantastic.

  • missilebird

    The cough. Oh god, THE COUGH! Priceless. That dog just cracks me up. And regarding Coco’s shit eating habit, let me just say that eating it is preferable to rolling in it, which is what our English Pointer likes to do. Utterly foul.

  • Phatchik

    Oh how I love Chuck! Let me count the ways…

    okay, I’ll spare you, but seriously – I love that dog. He is so much like my Caesar (a min pin) it’s insane! Caesar also hides whenever we get too loud (even if i’m just telling a story and I get a little carried away) and while he doesn’t run when I cough, he will look at me like, “Are you done or is this going to turn into yelling because I’m ready to hide at a moments notice.”

    Love you, Chuck!! I’d share my cheese with you any day!

  • Scott-5×5

    Holy CRAP that is one funny ending to the video…!

  • dianneph

    Love the video, and your Southern accent sneaking out sometimes! I just had to say, I really think you must be related to Dave Barnes! With your haircut so cute and short, you look a bit alike (could be the chin) and you both crack me up. Hilarious. Check it… and if you really want to see him sing (he is awesome) watch this one:

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