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Featured community question with accompanying oopsie

Today’s featured community question comes from user mommasj: And the reason I chose this one was because it perfectly coincides with the most recent Momversation I participated in where we talk about our worst parenting moments: I got a little talky in the video I…

January 6, 2010


Internet, meet Olive, Coco’s sister, the runt of the litter. She weighs about seven or eight pounds, whereas Coco is about 25 pounds. I’ve introduced you to their mother Lucy and their father Willie, and you can see here that Olive resembles her father a…

Attic journals

And the Daily Style is back! It took a vacation while I talked about gift guides and felt a bit slighted. I treated it with a luxurious chamomile bubble bath, and now it’s feeling better although the skin on its toes is a bit wrinkled….