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Internet, I need you to be my girlfriend right now, the one who invites me over on Friday night to have a glass of wine and talk about how, sometimes… not all the time… but occasionally… and at times frequently… husbands can be complete idiots….

February 8, 2010

My ears are still ringing

We had a few party favors left over from Leta’s birthday party, and yes, that right there is a kazoo. I included that specifically in the goodie bag because I am INHERENTLY EVIIIIIIILL! And hoo! Have I paid for it already. I’m gonna take that…

Sunday tradition

Somewhere in the chaos of the last seven months Jon convinced Leta to try a cinnamon roll. We’ve tried in vain before, but this time I guess she was feeling more cooperative. Or, you know, LIKE A REGULAR SIX-YEAR-OLD. So we’ve made a family tradition…