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Marlo crawls for the first time

  • verbalicon

    OMG, Marlo! It’s too early to crawl just yet!


    Little Miss Kickboxer (aka she who will not be walking until she’s 21 and can buy a Heineken at the liquor store).

    And Heather, just incase that bloggie thing isn’t working out for you some time in the future, I do see a career as dog whistle tuner in your stars …

  • HumHumViz

    I understand Leta’s concern. My iPhone sleeps with me. It’s nice to see a determined and adorable baby crawl, mine just sat around until they were ready to walk. I felt like I missed a whole stage!

    But wait! What happened in DC? Did the First Lady say she was a fan or what? (Yes, I watched the opening and closing statements, I’m a sucker for that sort of thing) Did I miss a post here somewhere?

  • EyesOpenMama

    Fantastic! Who says the second kid’s milestones are not as momentous? She’s a doll.

  • barbara

    woohoo! GO MARLO GO!

  • winecat

    It is so amazing, every baby in the world learns to crawl and every time one of them does it’s the most awesome sight I’ve ever seen.

    Go, Marlo, go. I know you can give them a run for their money : )

  • WhatForMomma

    Yay, baby girl!!!

    (Our delay was the damn wood floor. Ten kinds of carpet later, we can’t keep up baby-proof fast enough.)

    Go, Marlo, go!

  • Tirzah

    Awww, isn’t she just the sweetest! Congrats!

  • Natalie

    The total cheerleading coming from you and Jon is adorable! What a fucking awesome thing to catch on video. I’m so glad we all got to see it!

  • cms519

    Glasses on Leta!!!

    Pictures please!

    Kids with glasses are so scrumptious! I just want to eat them up.

  • heymamas

    How adorable is that and so cool that you got it on video!!!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  • jrogold

    I have a boxer, a bloodhound and a mastiff, and the wild baying mayhem that ensued after hearing your enthusiasm was epic. Thanks. Too cute by the way.

  • lesjoujou

    When I was about 5, I remember we lured my sister to crawl for the first time using an empty cardboard toothpaste box with an alligator on it.

  • TracyL

    I too am curious about Leta’s glasses. I should have gotten glasses a lot sooner then I did. I went through the first five years of school seeing things in a blur (literally) so I’m curious to know how you knew that she needed glasses.

    Marlo crawling is very cute. Also very dangerous 🙂

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