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The dooce® xBox Joy Ride Giveaway 2010

Are you ready for yet another huge holiday giveaway on this here Internet Website Blog Thing? No? Then fine, I’ll just give one of these five xBox and xBox Kinect consoles to someone else.

Yes! Five! One two three four FIVE! (That’s a whole five more than zero.) Five of you will get to enjoy the awesomeness that is Kinect. And no, they did not pay me to call it awesome, nor did they pay me to tell you that it has and will continue to change Leta’s life. Are you ready for me to tear up? Because that’s what I do every time I talk about what it’s like to see this kid play games on Kinect, this kid who was late to walk and jump, this kid who hates physical activity, this kid who now jumps and runs around the living room for hours:

“Is it time to go to bed, Mom?”

“Are you still playing that boat game?”


“There is no such thing as bed time.”

They sent us an advanced copy of Kinect to check out before giving one away, and we had no idea that Leta would love it so much, or that she would beg to play until she sweat. I think the only time Leta has ever broken a sweat was the afternoon she read all three of her library books in the hour after school and then started to panic thinking about how long it would be until she could get her hands on a new one.

I hate it when that happens, too.

Point is, nothing has ever motivated her to get up and moving like this. We’re blown away. Not even that time we snuck into her room while she was sleeping and released a box of snakes.

Over the weekend we invited my sister’s family over to check it out as well, and we’ve put together a little video of all that madness. Reasons this video is worth your time: 1) The Avon World Sales Leader makes a cameo. 2) As does my butt. 3) Jon attempts to dance. 4) Oh just trust me on this one, and by that I mean it gets really good at about 2:42.

xBox Kinect Giveaway Video from dooce on Vimeo.

Give the video a moment to load. If you have a hard time seeing the video, click here to view it.

To enter:

1. You must be 18 or over to enter.

2. You must live in the US. (Dodging rocks from Canadians. You guys, I had no control over these rules. If I did, they’d be all EVERY CANADIAN GETS ONE!)

3. You must read these rules.

4. Five commenters will be selected as winners. Please include in your comment your favorite part of the video we made above.

Note: you must be signed in to leave a comment. If you sign up for multiple user accounts and try to enter under different profiles, you will be disqualified.

5. Comments will be open until 11:59 PM on November 21, 2010.

6. Winners will be chosen randomly using

7. Winners will be announced on November 22, 2010.

8. Prize is the following package: 1 – Xbox console, 1 – xBox Kinect Game Console, 1 – Joyride game

Once again, we’re giving away five packages. Ready? GO!

  • megrit411

    I love the bit with the Random Baby. Also, when you labeled Tyrant’s friend Julio as his Friend…With Benefits. Hilarious!

  • Lesismor

    That was just what I needed this morning Heather thank you! Jon totally reminded me of my husband dancing and kudos to him for getting up there! Leta was so endearing to watch! She’s so into it! Fantastic! This will be a great tool to get kids up off the couch!

  • johearn

    Are you sure Jon didn’t drink anything? I guess his moves were my favorite part.

  • jessicav

    Tyrant gets crazy. I didn’t know that could happen! Awesome. I want one!

  • bitesizemegan

    Loved loved loved Leta’s spastic dance moves.

  • madison52578

    I am pretty fond of the A$$ shot, but my favorite was The Avon World Sales Leader. Something about watching people lose their inhabitions!! Great Video!!!

  • laurie1212

    I love John’s dancing! Too cute.

  • smagann

    Looks like a lot of fun! Love the Elaine kick with the butt dancing! Awesome!

  • cowsley

    Where did your niece get her dancing skills? I am not sure that they run in the family.

    I almost forgot…my favorite part was Tyrant smacking your butt. Because it is always about your butt.

  • artschoolgrrl

    So many great moments! I loved how differently each twin approached movements on the Xbox Kinect! The redhead just went all out and she looked like she was having a great time. Actually, everyone looked like they were having fun, but I loved seeing Jon dance – soberly even! What a great night for you all!

  • betsyg

    Julio’s description was hilarious.

  • angmarie

    Favorite part? Probably Jon attempting to bust a move, but honestly the whole damn thing was pretty funny.

  • cmorris375

    OMG! Would I be the coolest mom if I won this? I think, YES! Best part is watching Jon, and a close second is the audience in the background. HILARIOUS! Made my day!

  • Spalexi

    OMG, that was so funny. I loved the twins, I loved Leta and Jon together and the butt was great…lol.

    If I win can I come to your house and play with your family, they look like alot of fun.

  • DMM2010

    Jon dancing was definitely the best part although a close second would be the ass shaking. What a funny video!

  • mommaruthsays

    My favorite part was definitely Jon’s amazing dancing skills – I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!!!

    This was a very awesome possum video!!!

  • nbrett

    I liked the “friend…with benefits” I also agree with Jon, the leg kick was completely unnecessary.

  • ninesandquines

    watching leta dance at the beginning, i thought, yep, she must be jon’s kid just from seeing how he danced in the one video from earlier this year when you guys were blasting that coldplay song in your old kitchen….then seeing them dance together? oh yeah…no doubt!

  • tess619

    I would LOVE to win this!!

  • brandiz

    Love Leta’s moves! Just saw this system for the first time over the weekend at Best Buy, my son wants it for Christmas because he loves it. Thanks!

  • tlcaseband

    okay. the world sale leader has much better moves than I do, so if I win, I’ll promise to practice every day.

  • elanmc

    Love all the fun dancing! Especially “the twins you live with” part – father and daughter are too cute!

  • loey

    that looks like a lot of fun and would love to get one for christmas for our 2 girls who love to dance..

  • hoosiergirl1962

    I think I just broke something laughing!!!!OMG, that was funny! The cutest part was Jon and Leta dancing. No DNA testing needed there..
    If you pick me, great!!! But it was just fun watching
    BTW, loved the cameo appearance of the random baby!!

  • Allison S

    I love seeing Leta dance. Kids are so funny! She looked like she was having a blast. Dancing with her dad was cute too.

  • nbjames

    The best part of this video by far is when one of your twin nephews is attempting to do the robot. Leta is totally unaware of what is going on. Hysterical.

  • kthour79

    When your doing your butt dance the look on your daughters face. I embarass my neices with my dancing skills. I feel it is my duty in life and will be duty to emabarass my 6 month old too when he is old enough to be bothered by it.

  • Sonika

    This may be the least sensical comment ever on a website, but I wanted to comment and say that that is one of my favorite videos of anything, ever. You all look like you were having an absolute blast. And of course, the best part is Jon “dancing.”

    Though I’m going to add: Please DO NOT choose me for the giveaway. I have epilepsy and can not use gaming systems. If picks me, please pick again!

    (Hence why it makes no sense that I am leaving aforementioned comment.)


    Your family is full of smooth moves but I gotta say, the “random baby” was a great cameo! Someone should have made her dance!

  • erinmalia

    My husband would be very angry if he found out I didn’t at least try this. Best part? Jon dancing. Awesome.

  • cowsley

    Where did your niece get her dancing skills? I am not sure that they run in the family.

  • MeaganDay

    Oh, how I want one! I giggled through the whole video, but I think my favorite part(s) was Meredith dancing. I have visions of myself being able to hold my own and break it down like she did, but I have a feeling my style might be a bit more like that random baby’s.

  • blueinfinity

    I liked you and Leta dancing together. Fun times!

  • mtart

    I’ve heard that the kinex thing is the way to go. We are trying to decide if our kids are ready for the video game era. Bring it on!!!

  • katliz

    Ok, now I’m really salty. My husband and I can’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year and this makes me miss my family even more than I already do. Big families are awesome; yours looks like a blast to be around.

    LOVE Leta here. She has such a super personality.

  • nluvwthmybstfrnd

    This totally made my day! When Jon was dancing I literally laughed out loud. At work.
    Jon and Leta dancing together was too cute and the Ed. Notes(captions) were awesome! Now, I’m going to watch it again….

  • bluepen

    I think the look on Leta’s face during the butt dance is hilarious.

  • dana1218

    My fav was the twins that you live with dancing! Adorable!

  • agluvsbowie

    Woah! Look at Leta go! That rocks! I have to say that the butt dancing is my favorite though!

  • Katiejam

    Love the video. This game look SO fun. I can’t figure out who is my favorite. Leta’s hand movements and facial expressions were great, as were your brother in laws. Too cute! Thanks for sharing… fingers crossed – I want to win!

  • bwdezend

    “Chuck is not amused” was probably the best bit, in my book.

  • Mrspeacock22

    I love the Friend – with benefits:)

  • Househoney

    Love when Jon and Leta are playing together…twins is an understatement.

  • beak3chimps

    That was extra special. I love games that make everyone compete at looking like an ass, heh.

  • djones666

    Are you sure Jon isn’t getting ready to play Frankenstein? I’m partial to monsters, so that wins as favorite.

  • DopplerDawn

    Gonna have to say I loved watching someone else’s husband dance in front of other people and not even be aware that they are THAT bad !!!! Looks like a blast !! I know my 3 kids would love love love it!! And of course me and my man !!!

  • sarsie75

    My favorite part is when Jon and Leta are dancing together and you say they are twins. That killed me!!

  • laurajacob

    I find it hilarious that your side of the family has rhythm, while Jon… doesn’t.

  • spaghetti268

    i love how the humans are clearly having a good time but chuck, he just stares. and stares.

  • summor95

    The entire video was fantastic! I love that the entire family is together having a great time. If I have to pick my favorite part, it would have to be Jon “dancing” – I was not prepared for that and literally spit coffee out of my nose. LOVE IT!

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