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Yes, this is a post about Radiohead, you cannot possibly be surprised

Last Friday Radiohead released a new album called The King of Limbs. And oh, I know, you think Radiohead is overrated, what’s the big deal, blahblahblah.

So is sex with monkeys. But I’m not going to judge anyone’s hobbies.

INDULGE ME FOR A SECOND. Because they happen to mean a great deal to me, and not just because I’ve paid for tickets and airfare to see them live ten times. They always seem to release music during certain events in my life that have given more meaning to the lyrics and the structure of the songs. To me. I don’t expect anyone else to like Radiohead, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go batshit insane every time they release an album. Like I did on Friday:

After that last one someone replied to me on Twitter and said that just because I have as many followers as I do doesn’t mean I’m allowed to be a douchebag to my kids. And I was like, dude, I’m not being a douchbag. I’m being an asshole. Get it straight.

Radiohead also released a video for the song “Lotus Flower” and this is what is really interesting to me: most people, especially those who think Radiohead are overrated, are going to see this video and think WTF? Doesn’t he know he looks like an idiot?

Yes, actually. I believe he’s trying to look like one.

When I see this video I see the happy Thom Yorke who for a long time didn’t seem happy to be doing what he was doing. I first saw the band in 1998, and Thom barely moved on stage. That was back when they had hit it really big with OK Computer, and he was having a really rough time dealing with all the bullshit that happens around celebrity (something documented in a film called Meeting People is Easy). You could see him having a hard time.

During the last few shows I’ve seen, however, he danced around the stage like a lunatic, a joyous lunatic, clearly more comfortable with himself and his life.

I see that video and I see joy. Joy, a word you don’t really associate with Radiohead, and certainly not with that song. Which takes it to levels of such awesome that my head just exploded.

Also? Someone set his dancing to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” Aaaaaaaaaand genius.

(For what it’s worth, I’m loving the new album, particularly the song “Codex” which is so beautiful I want to cry. But I’m an asshole. I can’t be seen doing that.)

  • santa barbara

    the thing i love so much about this video is that radiohead often makes me want to dance just like this. yes, even songs that don’t sounds like you should dance to them, make me want to dance like a slightly crazy person. mostly just because i’m overcome with some emotion that radiohead somehow just intensified in me. happy, sad, whatever. radiohead is always right there with me.

  • Mamaadams

    I haven’t listen to the new able in it’s entirety but what I heard was lovely. We used to play Radiohead’s Rock -a-Baby for our daughter to put her to sleep when she was a baby. It worked like magic!

  • Coffey

    I feel the same way about Arcade Fire. And I want to have their babies. Yep, the whole band.

  • crunching_numerals

    I was just experimenting with Radiohead and love the three songs I have heard so far like ‘House of Cards’, ‘No Surprises’ and ‘High and Dry’
    Can someone suggest more songs?

  • We3Rules

    Don’t know if you are still reading the comments here but just had to share. Radiohead has also played a vital role in the foundation of mine and my husband’s life together. OK Computer came out shortly after we began dating. Kid A came out just as we had to move back in with family after an unsuccessful attempt to live on our own for the first time (epic failure that nearly ruined us). Amnesiac was released at the same time that my husband’s brother was in the middle of fighting for his life in the ICU. There are many more times when it seemed like Thom was singing just for us but lastly, it only seemed appropriate that I walked down the aisle to marry my amazing husband in 2009 while “True Love Waits” and “I am Citizen Insane” blared through the speakers of an ipod dock.
    We have seen them live 5 times (should have been 6, but had to leave Coachella early due to heatstroke…biggest regret EVER!)

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