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The Camilla Series, no. 6

Jon suggested that I borrow this dress while he puts on a suit and then meet him in the bedroom. I did not predict he was going to say this the moment Cami pulled it out of her bag. (You can find Cami here:….

May 19, 2011

Grandmother, mother, daughter

Earlier this week I experienced one of my proudest moments as a parent, and I am being totally, unabashedly earnest when I talk about this. Like, this isn’t a post about Marlo making it through the day without injuring herself or breaking the law, although…

His Highness

That’s quite a lot of confidence for someone so thoroughly naked.

Me and that Seventies kid

Thanks to Jon for taking this photo, although it shows you that we let Marlo walk around with her hair like this. I want to dress her in maroon bell bottoms and a polyester shirt with a giant collar. And call her Brian.