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New Tunes – The Shoes

The Shoes are a French duo who dabble mostly in electronic. I am absolutely in love with this song called “Wastin’ Time” and think it’s an appropriate anthem for summer. The buildup is pitch perfect and totally addictive.

July 14, 2011


This is the first time we’ve ever been in a house that has a formal living room, and in about a week or so we will finally (after a year of living with it completely empty) be done furnishing it. And it looks nothing like…

After Leta leaves for camp

Forget about the fact that he chose this spot to lie down and chill. MY KID NEEDS TO PUT CLOTHES ON HER BARBIES. Awesome. Naked Barbie territory. I thought we had a couple more years. OBVIOUSLY NOT.

Saw a bird!

Why, yes, my child has climbed onto the back of the couch to peer out the window and I’m not doing anything to prevent her from falling. There’s a hospital close by, so we’re cool.