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Fun with bones!

Egad. Wait, is that supposed to be plural? EGADS. Whatever. Maybe I should just end this sentence with ten exclamation points to express the same thing!!!!!!!!!! THAT FEELS SO GOOD. Try it. Go on, TRY IT. Six days ago I got up really early to…

October 5, 2011

Arm candy

Whenever I get dressed up these days my outfit inevitably includes this antique bracelet that Cami got me for my birthday and this Michael Kors Watch that I splurged on after I saw how beautiful it looked on the arm of one ABChao. Both will…


“Marlo, say, ‘MAR-LLLLO.’” “MAR-NNNNO.” “LLLLO.” “NNNNO.” “Can you really not pronounce the L or are you just being contrary?” “NNNNNNNNNO!“