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New Tunes – Of Monsters and Men

These guys are a six piece indie folk band from Iceland, and this is an album that I listen to on repeat, from beginning to end and then back to the beginning. I love it when that happens with an album, that magic and fire…

April 12, 2012


11:11 is a small company in Los Angeles that uses recycled materials to make handmade wallets, passport covers, cardholders, and notebooks. The about page almost made me weep: “I always wanted 11:11 enterprises to be a transformational force for good in the world. I never…

Return of Pants Head

This took forever because I wanted him to provide his own modesty patch (for the children) and right before I’d take a photo he’d move his leg. So he’s still sitting there just like that waiting for a treat.

Marlo’s favorite color

And favorite thing to yank out of the ground. All of them. She yanked all of them. Forgiven because she would hold it up and squeal, “FOWER FOR YOU!” every single time.