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For Jeff

Earlier today I was out running errands, and as I was waiting for an order to be filled I opened my phone to scroll through twitter. I immediately noticed a tweet about someone (@fedge) I follow who was in possible danger, and if anyone who…

May 8, 2012

Tuesday’s Top Pick

Yesterday I was browsing Etsy looking at clothing for children when I stumbled on the Crowsmack shop. All of the designs are original artwork, and each product is handmade and silk screened in sweatshop free downtown Los Angeles. A great way to fill your kid’s…

Wise eye

He sits, contemplative, coming to terms with the fact that the inanimate object Coco is wrestling will not come alive and punch her in the nose.

Popcorn popped

This weekend I cleaned off the back porch: I washed cushions, scrubbed the grill, swept out grass and debris, and washed chalk drawings off of the pavement. Then I went full Mormon and cut some flowers off of a tree to make it seem more…