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It is decidedly so

On Friday Leta came up to the office while I was working, sat down in the empty chair next to my desk and asked, “Mom, do you know what a Magic 8 Ball is?”

August 27, 2012

Red and yellow

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that skirt on the cover of a Sesame Street DVD. On Burt.


Saturday we attended a three-year-old’s birthday party where the kids got to jump on a trampoline and eat chocolate cupcakes. There was also a man there making balloon figures — animals, swords, and hats. My friends all got hats made and then forced …

Purple pet

Leta’s pet fish Turtle is still swimming strong despite the fact that she forgets he exists about ten minutes after I remind her that he needs to eat. The fascination of having her own pet lasted about an hour. Thank god we did not get an animal that r…