An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


I should have stolen more office supplies when I had the chance. Bugger!

February 26, 2002


To the sound of an entire company saying, “My god, was she a nut, or what?”

Feeling Guilty

For torturing the Asian database administrator so mercilessly. I will truly miss him.

How to Charm Me

Point out that now I can nap all goddamn day long.

How to Annoy Me

Take an X-ray of my abdomen while whistling the chorus to a Creed song. I will see you in Hell.

Collecting Unemployment

I lost my job today. My direct boss and the human resources representative pulled me into one of three relatively tiny conference rooms and informed me that The Company no longer had any use for me. Essentially, they explained, they didn’t like what I had…