I am Heather B. Hamilton and this is my website.

I now have to take the ball and go home, and you can probably guess why.

My parting gift to you comes comes in two parts.


Your children are asking you through their behavior, “Why are you agreeing with me when I am telling you that I hate myself?” Remember that and consider it every day for the rest of your lives.


Ann Marie, the I before E
Except after seizing the chance
In a circumstance built by men
To break the phonology
Of she and he
Of they and them

Free to be the aunt and not the mother
Even when they told her
It had to end with a kiss and a ring
She refused to wed and instead
Took Don to a meeting

That girl who changed her name
Because she could
She understood from the get-go
And lo, she marred the canon of gender

She was tinsel on a tree
A splendor of green and silver lining
Now worn by mine from head to toe
In camouflage
Free from the she they were born

Their name is their name
The Lo I gave to Lee
On June 14th
A Gemini with a mind
Made in the streets with Stringer Bell
A game passed from Idris to Iris

Thomas gave them grammar
And tools to cut their hair
To wear the forest and marry the moon
The choice to be a groom in love
With who they were meant to be

For Earth