Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.


I promise never to eat the big piece of chicken.

March 19, 2002

The Great Poop Debate

Having recently endured several weeks of bowel disorientation wherein everything just, well, stopped, I’ve become acutely aware that men and women practice wildly opposing bathroom rituals. I guess I should say more acutely aware, because I’ve always been aware. I’ve just never been so positively…


DJ Cam: Loa Project


Brand USA

Feeling Guilty

For telling that telemarketer to bite my fucking uninterested ass.

How to Charm Me

Join me in doing the Leprechaun Dance. It’s a lot like the Neutron Dance.

How to Annoy Me

Jump on the bed with your big self right after I’ve taken the time to straighten the covers.