An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


Branded for Life

June 13, 2003


40 Years of Design and Advertising


I know you may think I have forgotten, but I totally haven’t forgotten that THUD would make a great baby name.

How to Charm Me

Tell me that it’s perfectly normal to want to bathe myself in french fries, oh! life-giving french fries!

How to Annoy Me

Neglect to inform me that “Felicity” is in syndication. Do you know how many episodes I’ve already missed?

Feeling Guilty

For rationalizing that if I’m eating for two now, why not eat for TWELVE?

Crazy Peeing Pregnant Lady

While I was totally prepared for the onset of nausea and fatigue and bloating and complete emotional instability, the one thing I didn’t know would happen during the early stages of pregnancy was that my bladder would spontaneously sprout its own holding tank, a reservoir…