An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • Danika

    kp-I assumed you were joking. The whole kid getting drunk and saying they should have been smart enough to think of that made me realize it was a joke….

  • Danika

    Tracy.. you hate a random person every day? Time to get some help for that.

  • Dana

    awesome! and the pic of Leta in the ‘president’ shirt is gorgeous, her little hands are sooooo baby cute.

  • Yes, please, PLEASE, fork up a description of the heavenly underwear. I know it’ll make me pee in my pants if you do.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    Danika, no kidding! Tracy, everyone means you should seek PROFESSIONAL help.
    KP, after a read-through, I got your joke as well. I believe the reply from Dooce implies it was taken that way too.

  • Danika

    kp-I’m guessing that since she didn’t put your email address on there like she did for the hater she realizes it was a joke..

    P.S Just emailed Tracy.. I said since she obviously randomly hates really smart, cool and funny people to please have me win her hate award tomorrow. 🙂

  • kp

    Well, it’s lumped under the Hate heading. Just made me worry it was misunderstood.
    Okay, so I won’t make it as a comedian. 🙂

    Thanks guys…love to you all.

  • heather, a hundred other people may have said this but i didnt read the other responses. BUT, i love that you keep the hate mailer’s email addresses attached to the hate mail.

  • Graygirl

    I got the KP joke, as did everyone else….but Tracy…get a life! I am always amazed at these self righteous people that feel the need to set us all straight. They usually don’t have a f’n clue about the real world. Just my humble opinion! Dooce you and Jon rock as parents. I’ve raised 3 …. your comments, thoughts and parenting skills are right on! You always bring me back to when mine were Leta’s age and what life was like in those times….not easy. You definitly have to have a sense of humor, as you two do. Keep it up, you’re doing great.

  • Jessica

    KP: That line about getting Leta drunk makes it pretty obvious it was a joke. 🙂

    Tracy: Boooooooo!

  • Rebekah

    Oh my god!!! That hate mail is too funny. Keep it coming… I can only imagine what kind of people would sent it. I’d love to spend a few minutes with KP and Tracy. I would kick both there asses!!!

  • Dave Thomas

    People who send hate male = assholes.

    People who threaten to kick asses = A-OK?

  • you need to serve up a bowl of leta’s feet with milk and chew them up with a spoon!! too cute!

    i agree with that poster above. if someone doesn’t like your site, why would they go out of their way to write? some people just love to complain about anything. stupid people.

  • Gia on Guam

    OOOOhhh the grass is a yummy mustard yellow…I need to run over to sherwin williams to get a paint sample to match!

    I think Leta eyebrows in the red Tshirt are very Jack Nicolson!

    I’m amazed at how carefully your readers study the photos. Nissan? Oil Change sticker? I had to go back to take another look after reading those comments.

  • WTF? I am amazed that there’s anyone who did not cotton on to the facetious tone by the end of the second sentence. I hope katy p comes back and gets a special award for people who tell perfectly good jokes to an uncomprehending audience. As for those of you who’ve been a bit slow on the uptake… they need to practice hating more and thinking less. Seriously.

  • I forgot this earlier: ‘hater’ tracyj73 could easily be a fictitious character set up to make a point. Dooce is clever enough to concoct a whole cast of characters and have them interact on the blog. Hasn’t anyone else ever done it? Hmph. It’s about time you tried. Sorry about the typos in the previous post.

  • hmm…the yellow grass or corn looks like rice, now I’m hungry

  • Mir

    “Dooce is clever enough to concoct a whole cast of characters and have them interact on the blog. Hasn’t anyone else ever done it? Hmph. It’s about time you tried.” Hey Dooce? That Washingtonienne character isn’t really working for me…. Then again, you probably invented me, too, so nevermind.

  • midwifegoddessannie

    there is just. so. much. yellowness in UTAH!!

  • erin

    I just glad we can finally comment! Whoo-hoo!!

    Thinking about…Tracy with heavenly underwear crammed in her mouth as a gag….

  • Kris

    With her lovely remarks, Tracy earned a special award I give only sparingly: the I Want Junk Email from Random Web Sites award. Oh, don’t you be bashful, hateful one: you earned it.

  • erin

    Kris is BRILLIANT!

    Thank you Dooce for giving you slightly obsessed stalkerish fan club her email address.

  • erin

    and yes, I should have said “your” not “you”. Forgive me, it’s Friday and I’ve been drinking since …well, I’ve lost track of time.

  • MrsDoF

    I read a novel called RAPTURE OF CANAAN by Sheri Reynolds which talked about how the girl placed a picture of Jesus in her underpants to help her to Not think unclean thoughts. I think the heavenly underwear goes along with the same idea……

  • Andrea

    Ha-it’s funny no one here thought the first email was a joke until he/she fessed up it was a joke, then everyone was like, “Ah, YES! I knew it was a joke…”

    Obviously when Dooce posts about “hate mail” and lists this as one, she didn’t think it was…

  • jeff

    I love your pictures and the way you frame everyday common objects, or actions. Keep up the good work.

  • Kari

    nice pic. evocative. sigh. utah is so beautiful. er i hope that’s utah?

    tracyj73: wish i’d thought of a ‘random person to hate every day’ section of my blog. good going!

    washingtonienne: lol, clevergirl

  • Jon, the navigator? Or is it a Lincoln Navigator?

  • Lesley

    I picture Tracy as a scowling bulimic who cuts herself in a locked bathroom in Mommy’s house. By the way, you ARE special which is why Tracey hates you.

  • IHateToast

    Your photos always make me long for being stateside again. I love my new home in Queensland, but man I miss the U.S. west.
    Oh to roadtrip in the west with only Peter Pan peanut butter, a spoon and Hershey’s cocoa mix. Scoop, dip, lick. yum!

  • Drunk Parenting = Wheeee! It’s the American way and it’s how my parents got through raising 6 kids. Well that, and there used to be 7 of us until my parents made an “example” out one of the kids in front of the rest of us. You know, so we’d be quiet and they could drink in peace.

    I’m going to hell now. Anybody want me to save them a seat?

  • Speaking of whiskey and teething…

    I am told that when I was teething, my father would pour a shot of whiskey, dip his finger in it and run it over my gums. Then the rest of the shot would go in my bottle. No teething fussing. Slept like the proverbial baby.

    And, hey, I grew up pretty OK and have turned into a scotch snob, so obviously no long-term harmful effects.

  • My hubby thinks I’m sexy in garments “heavenly underware”. He says it’s because I’m look so comfortable in them and for what they represent to me.

    The comfort could be a result of the beer my parent’s bottle fed me. They really are nice though- most of the time.

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