An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Watching in slow motion

I just came downstairs because the babysitter is here and I can still hear Leta screaming. Whenever she sees the babysitter coming up the front steps she gulps air, flaps her arms, and looks at me like, “YOU TRICKED ME AGAIN!” And then the screaming…

December 2, 2004

Real heroes caught on tape

Yesterday in the middle of a crying fit I called Beth to seek some comfort. When she answered the phone and heard me crying, she said she knew that there must be one of three things wrong with me, the first being that I was…


I must give props to Doctor Tongue who left a comment on this website that included the words “Clench-Cheeked Sprint to the Bathroom,” and thus my new masthead. Also, the new Fussy, Woman After My Own Heart Who Has Fabulous Hair And Gave Birth In…

Leta’s first mashed potatoes experience

AND SHE HAS BOTH SOCKS ON. (photo taken by Lovely Bearded He Who Strung The Lights On The Christmas Tree Because I Was Too Frustrated To Take On The Task)