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  • i want snow SO BADLY! this is my favorite time of year. the house is decorated, hot chocolate ready to go, a fire in the fireplace -now send me some goddamned snow!

  • I’d like some snow. Sadly Tennessee isn’t that cold right now. Yesterday I went out without a coat. IN DECEMBER. I’d rather snow than rain.

  • i feel totally silly now… complaining about how cold it was and how my hands were turning purple in the 42 degree LA/socal winter weather.

  • oh man. reminds me of newport beach lately. i’ve had the heater and fire place going non stop for three days. it’s been barely reaching 60! i gotta go find my mittens.

  • Danika

    We just got a nice pile of snow over the weekend. Of course my drive to work was extended from 30 minutes to 50 minutes…

    Currently in Edmonton the temp is: -11 °F / -24 °C enjoy your 70F weather people!

  • Linz

    someone said beautiful bush… *tries to stife sniggers*
    gorgeous photo as usual dooce

  • I think you ought to compose a long post compiling all of the “I’m first!” comments. The whole phenomenon has taken on a life of its own and would be a pretty funny read. Or not.

  • And the photo is beautiful.

  • RazDreams

    You have *definitely* been at your Mom’s for a while recently if you’re referencing things from the Bible in your heading for pictures now!!! 😉

  • PKD

    You have to check the Mother/Daughter dresses from the ads on main page. The silver diva get-ups at the bottom, a must-have for Dooce and Leta Xmas card picture!

  • Snow definitely makes for some gorgeous pics (like that one!) … I can’t say I enjoy being around it though. It’s 25 degrees up here in Boston and I hear snow is on the way. I’m not really all that happy about it.

  • Dr. Fever–“Crack tree” LMAO

  • Lisa

    I can’t wait to get snow like that here in Berea,Oh. It’s all gray drabby days, but as soon as we get actually get the snow I’ll love it for 2.5 seconds and then wish it was 80 degress out….

  • Do you do photo requests? I.E. get a picture of Chuck licking the couch?

  • Lisa: I concur.

    Now, if only crack really grew on trees…

  • Oops, I pissed on the format.
    A – that is truly a great photo Dooce.
    C – We got a bit of snow today in London; just enough to cause some accidents because people forget how to drive in snow. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 12 degrees C, so bye bye snow.

  • Sheryl

    Cool figure ground reversal in the thumbnail. Sorry, about the art lingo.

    I think the thumbnail is cool because it looks like a crack (absence of matter) but the photo is in fact of a tree branch (matter).

  • Ooo! Very arty Sheryl! I’m impressed. Say some more art stuff so that I can have new conversations with my husband.

  • You know, we’re all so fortunate to be able to see the snow for ourselves, or even go to the snow. But there are some kids who will never see or play in the snow. Isn’t that sad? I don’t know how they do it…not seeing the joys of the snow and all. We should create a charitable trust to help them find that joy.


  • Sheryl

    Niffer, is your hubby an artist?

    I was until I had to suddenly be financially independent about 7 years ago.

  • Jamie

    Beautiful. I have a picture of a dancing Moses in my Photobucket account and the title to your picture reminded me of him =)

  • He’s an artist mostly by hobby, but has found a way to make some money on the side designing icons and whatnot.

  • I feel left out. We’ve not had one drop of snow yet. 🙁

  • Arg

    Sara at 8:14 am

    Did you realize that you said: “Beautiful Bush”???

  • I can count the number of times I’ve seen snow on my hands.

    It’s a rather humid 70 degrees here. I’m so jealous.

  • Poor snow. *cries*

  • Torph

    Snow is just a distant memory as I sit here sweating in Kenya, East Africa…………Send a little cold my way!!!

  • amelia

    I think the thumbnail looks like a molar with a cavity.

  • Heather

    Hey Dooce, just wondering, when does the party planning for Leta’s 1st birthday start? My son, Aidan, turned one on August 29th, and we started at least 4 months in advance. Pretty neurotic huh? Well it’s just that family came out of the wood work and all “had” to come. By the way, beautiful picture!

  • It is snowing here too!! Just posted the pics.

    That thumbnail looks like fat white knuckles or fists pressed together.

  • That’s pretty cool.

  • You can keep the snow! I’m hoping the snow will hold off here in PA till I leave for Florida, for Christmas!

  • Girl.A

    Burning Bush, huh?
    Ok, Dooce, where’s George W?? Is he under that shrub-thing with the snow on it?

  • sweet dude. our snow just melted.

  • Re: Aaron’s point..

    Don’t despair for the children that grow up without snow. I grew up in the midwest, so I’m no stranger to it – but I moved to south TX and married a native.

    The first time I took him to see snow, he checked it out for awhile and then came in the house to exclaim ‘get me the fuck out of here! It’s COLD!’

    The native southerners aren’t missing a damn thing, for sure. ;o)

  • Unrelated to the photo, but totally related to all things Dooce…

    You won’t believe what I just read at News of the Weird (

    “Archaeologists excitedly announced in October that in examining ruins on the Wittenberg, Germany, property of 16th-century philosopher Martin Luther, they discovered the actual stone toilet on which he composed the manifesto that launched the Protestant Revolution. (Luther suffered chronic constipation and thus spent much of his days on the toilet.)”

    Who knew constipation played such an integral role in the Protestant Revolution?

  • Girl.A

    Oh, I get it Burning Bush – Doh!
    So what did it tell you to do? Are you guys moving again?

  • Sensual pic!

  • jm

    oh! like the snow of my childhood.

    Man, it rarely snows like that around anymore. I have no excuse to use my snowshoes to make a run for Starbucks.

  • That bush must be freezing!

  • Cajun Country

    Um, yeah. So as we speak my a/c is set at 72. It’s 75 outside right now with 83% humidity. I sent my kids to school in shorts this morning.

  • Cold, white, heartless bush.

  • The only thing that would make that bush better is if it were in a box.

  • SnowBelle

    Hey…look closely. Is that an image of the Virgin Mary in the bush? It’s odd how I contemplate these things as I am munching down my grilled cheese.

  • mns

    Good choices, Sheryl, but you forgot one:

    G. GEORGE!

    “Sheryl said at 08:47AM, 12.05.2004:

    I was thinking maybe we should have a multiple choice feedback form:
    A. I love your __.
    B. I have a similar baby, family, dog story.
    C. Insert assinine but potentially funny comment.”

  • Chrisi

    Hmm, interesting picture. I thought the mini-image looked like a stuffed Tigger giving a kiss to another stuffed animal. Guess I need to get out more.

  • That bush needs a nice warm box.

  • Sheryl

    Yes, mns – I think Danielle suggested we also have a category
    D. for Requests

    (And for those who didn’t see this post – assinine was referring to moi.)

  • Girl.A

    Burning Bush, eh?
    I think they have a cream or something for that.

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