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I hereby declare Fridays Chuck Fridays, all in favor say, “RUFF!”

  • “RUFF!”


    Seriously, there has got to be a treat involved in this photo. You can almost make out the piece of pizza or Dorito reflected in his eyes.

  • Cheryl

    Is that another pop tart that you are dangling in front of his face? That’s about the only time I can get my dog to pay attention to me long enought to snap a photo. RUFF!!! RUFF!!

  • I bet your holding food. That is a total food face.

  • AAP


  • RUFF!RUFF! What a stud you are, Chuck. I have a Boston Terrier son who has a bit of a crush on you(yes,he goes both ways. he seems to prefer his woman to be feline and his men to be canine).

  • If Fridays are Chuck Fridays (yay!), can Mondays be George Mondays? Because I need me some George on Mondays.

  • A


  • RUFF from me. RUFF from Jo the lab/ridgeback/dane cross. WOO-WOO from Kayugh the malamute. Looking forward to seeing you next week, Chuck.

  • Ruff! More Chuck pictures!

  • Chuck’s definitely got the beauty-queen look of surprise goin’ on there.

    I think he needs a cape.

  • GREAT picture. i love the dignified curiosity of his nose! 🙂

  • Arhhhhhhhh! Where’s my tweezerman?!

  • RUFF !!

  • Ruff. Yo.

  • Chuck’s growin’ a goatee? Another Scrumptious Bearded?

  • Ruffity, ruff, ruff, ruff.

  • MrsDoF

    Ruff! AttenHutt!
    at ease, Chuck–no poptarts today.
    for Alison #56 GEORGE! now is home in Dallas and is a fine author on his own blog.
    Also, there have been family Christmas pictures for a couple days.

  • he has old schoolteacher eyes in this photo. like he could hear the tiniest rustle from the back row. it’s like he just turned around from the blackboard and said, “Right. Who threw that paper plane? Who!?” All he needs is a pearl necklace and some coral lipstick 🙂

  • That dog is too cute for his own good.

  • Em

    RUFF RUFF RUFF! and TGIFF (guess what the second F is for). Hope everyone has a restful weekend, this week felt like one LOOONG Monday.

  • Tracey

    THAT is a great Chuck photo!

  • shy me


  • “OK. I hold this pose, I get a treat. I don’t … and I get featured in yet another “How To Annoy Me” post. I can do this.”

    Meoww … er, RUFF.

  • Ruff Ruff. And what a nice young lady to steal from you and then insult you. I don’t mind being called insane, it excuses all sorts of behaviors I would otherwise have to learn to control.

  • Ruff!!!
    Sir Chuckles is the cutest 🙂

  • damn, Fish. damn … (sighs) ok, Chuck is handsome too, but WE ALL KNOW THAT ALREADY AND LOVE HIM FOR HIS POP-TART SNARFING WONDERFULNESS.
    damn, Fish, you FINE

  • Ruff! Cute dog pictures always appreciated.

  • Bruno

    I just uh….said ruff out loud at my desk.
    Who crazy now?

  • zchamu


  • cb

    Any talk of Chuck ever running for Congress again? Because I think this country needs him.


  • Lina

    So, Chuck and Heather were sitting there this morning sharing a pop tart for breakfast, when Chuck looked up from licking his area of never-exercised proceduring and said, “Dude, I have the greatest idea. No really, this is hilarious. Let’s post a picture of me on this morning and have you say Fridays are ‘Chuck Fridays’ and tell everyone to say ‘RUFF’ or ‘WOOF’ or ‘ARF’ or something if they agree. You know about 98% of them will do it…”

    *sigh* We are all lemmings for Dooce. RUFF!

  • RazDreams

    This is probably a photo of Chuck watching Boohbah…

  • Carol

    Ruff! with a scratch AND a sniff!

  • Jenny

    I did, too. That’s funny. Ruff!

  • notreallylikethat

    Can’t believe no one’s gone here yet: We like it RUFF!!!!


    (i love chuck)


  • “Ruff… Just the way your mother likes it Trebeck.”

    haha, I love celebrity Jeopardy. But not as much as pictures of Chuck.

  • Holy shit that dog is hot.

  • shy

    we definitely need ‘chuck fridays’ here in canada. especially during the cold, winter season admist the slushy roads, snow and ice.

    ruff, i say. ruff away!

  • cb

    When we were taking our dog to training class the teacher believed it is good for a dog to get in the habit of watching it’s person for clues. She had us give our dog a command word that meant they should look us in the eyes when we say it. Ours was “Look,” (Some other people went with “eyes” or “face.”)

    We forget 80% of what we learned in that class because we are slackers. (“Heel?” I never got why you’d want your dog to walk so close; I’d end up stepping on it.) But she still will stare intently at my face with that Chuck expression if I say the word “Look.” It is great for photo ops.

  • Yay! CHUCK! Polly the Lickin’ Lab says “BURF” to you from wintry frozen Kansas City!


  • Kristen from MA

    this lemming says, “RUFF!”

  • No pop tart danging from his jaws? Too bad…

  • RUF!

  • amelia

    If that ivy-league college student thinks one email asking her to remove the plagiarized articles is stalking she is the insane one. I hope she is not pre-law.

  • Wow, Nicole’s right. That dog IS hot.

  • cb

    Oh–and the treat we used for training, the treat that taught her to stare so intently whenever I say “look,” even though she hasn’t gotten them lately, are dried cubes of Velvetta.

    You take Velvetta, cut it in 1/4″ cubes, line them up on a plate and leave them out somewhere to harden. They are slightly oily and are dog manna-from-heaven.

  • Yep, he totally looks like he’s waiting for his Pop-Tart or Dorito reward. Such a good dog…

    Oh, and RUFF!

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