An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Kimberly….that guy has me fired up I tell you. I’m a good person who never fronts anyone and I’m the first to call for mediation and understanding, but seriously, that was either a really bad attempt at a joke or some one is so messed up in their own life they can’t see straight.

    I agree…no haters. It’s not good and no good comes of it. But it’s so hard to hold back on that one.

  • J in PA

    I would love to know… since when did shaming someone who exhibited shameful behavior become a BAD thing, exactly? Give me a fucking break, here. Most of the problems today (and reasons why the rest of the world hates our country — witness: reality TV) is the LACK of SHAME. I say SHAME THE HELL out of Matt Jackson. If you find the right one.

    Or perhaps we dedicate a website to him and when doing a search, female employees will happen upon it… there must be a way to remove someone like that from a position of power.

    Creative ideas?

  • Lisa (#518) – I’m not going to take it personally. My hubby’s in the Air Force and is a considerate, decent, well-spoken, incredible man. Yes, I’ve met some Academy folks whose shit didn’t stink, and will assume that’s where you were going. My work has put me in closer contact with other services, and it’s there, too… egads.

    My fellow doocelings have most adequately expressed how shocked and appalled I was at reading this email. Dooce, you’re a strong woman, and I’m proud of you for standing up to this arrogant, sexist fuckwad. And to the ladies who had your back — cheers! I’m having a drink on you.

  • another Tara

    Not at all. Go Heather!

  • Kimberly

    Yes, the email was hateful and spiteful and totally wrong, but I can’t stand the public stonings that happen here anymore. Between the thinly veiled demand to deluge the emailer with hate mail (My heart goes out to innocent Matt Jacksons caught in the crossfire) and the spamming of the other girl’s website…calm down, people! I was taught that two wrongs never make a right.

    I’m a fan of this site, but I’ll be leaving the comments page alone from now on.

  • Tara

    We all know that Heather can say whatever she wants, this is her blog, don’t read it if you don’t like it, blah blah blah, but it is MY opinion that she should not have ganged up on Matt like that.

    It somewhat reminds me of highschool; when one person insults you, and then you can’t just deal with it yourself rather you have to get your little posse together to attack that one person together. Clearly, this is a problem between Matt and Heather, and no one else. She’s choosing to make it public, I recognize that she had that choice, but don’t you find that a bit childish?

  • 1. Post photos of adorable daughter,
    2. Withstand huge comment storms,
    3. …?
    4. Make millions of dollars


  • Lesley


    Sorry for the caps. I’m just THAT angry.

    Here are a few things Matt should know. The birth rate is dropping globally. It may not seem like it but it is. Birth rates are considerably lower in the developed countries than in the developing world. Children have practically vanished in Japan. I would like Matt to think about what his little economic marvel called “my company which has become my penis” would do without a labour supply.

    The very reason governments use incentives to get women to have children is because economies depend on a labour supply. This happened after the second world war, but perhaps “Matt” failed high school history.

    ALSO, MATT, YOU PRICK, I would like to know who you think will be looking after you in the nursing home when you’re old. Hrmmm…it just might be Leta, surgeon extraordinaire…only you’d better hope not because if Leta grows up to become your surgeon and connects the dots between your email and her mom she might cut ya in the wrong places.

    Without children, adults have a perilous future.

    Now, IS MATT GAY OR DOES HE LIKE TO FUCK WOMEN. I get the impression from his bitterness that the ladies reject him on a regular basis and he has to pay for it.

    Jesus Murphy… I hope you post his company name.

  • andy

    Hey Dooce. 620+ comments. A record?

  • yeah it is pretty freaky.

    I think it’s funny that she hasn’t even used them in the right order.

  • lauren

    Oh my gosh! That girl with Heather’s belly is so much scarier than Matt Jackson. Seriously, this girl is all, “my bewwy is so big!” and talking about her pregnancy with Heather’s pics! It’s totally creepy and reminds me of all those news stories where the women think they are pregnant and then go steal a baby. Yikes.

  • Wow, it sucks to be #623. Your baby is precious. And Matt Jackson sucks ass.

  • KILLER!!!!!

    Im off to watch that new blind show, and beddy bye. I still love all a y’all. For reals. peace out.

  • copy_kitty

    “domestic institution”

    Ah, me too. Quite mental, here.

  • copy_kitty

    Didn’t mean to kill the conversation.

  • I love the expression in her eyes. Great photo. Wonderful child.

  • Christine

    File this picture under “old soul.”

  • totally winsome … and famous, too

  • I heart mashed potatoes in butter with sautee’d onions

    and mint choclate chip ice cream

    and cash back from my debit cards

    and baby laughs, and helluva good onion dip,

    and boston rob, and photos, and funny people,

    and reaslitic people grounded in reality who “keep it real”,

    and steak medium rare, and being married,

    and the idea that I would kick someones ass to steal their boyfriends if we had went to high school together, even though I wouldn’t have and stuff.

  • I run a domestic instituition.

  • meeka

    1) Adorable Leta Pic!
    2) Long time lurker, can’t stop laughing about dooce’s response to “matt”
    3) has up to date info about Mt.St. Helens erupting again.

  • copy_kitty

    Okay. I’ll go first.

    My husband and I own an advertising agency. Two kids, one cat, and a handful of great clients.

  • copy_kitty

    Hey, Doocelings, how many of you are principals of your own companies?

    You know, The Royal Smiths or AT&T or

    Just doing a little informal market research. ‘Cause I think Mr. Matt might be surprised at the results.

  • Raz we ALL HAVE HEARTS. Didn’t you watch Scrooged?

  • RazDreams

    one more thing for pork chop…if you read the forum post you provided us, you’ll see that “our matt” might actually have a heart after all. perhaps if people tried to see all different sides to a story before jumping to conclusions, this world (and this comments page) would be nicer. and (sigh) again…i’m not supporting the guy. just for the record…

  • Yeah, the owner of purerave did nothing.

    So I spam, spam away.

  • Pork Chop

    Raz, actually if you read the MSN cache of that forum post you’ll see that he uses the email address within it, so that is likely the same guy.

    As to wether it’s the same Matt Jackson at Protivit or not, perhaps not… but his work contact info isn’t listed online as far as I can tell. And besides, apparently Protiviti is only in nine countries at this time. Of course, Matt being a principal and all, he may be privy to some updated info.

    FWIW, I’m not advocating anyone attack the guy… I haven’t emailed him and don’t plan to.

  • one more thing

    hey Ern, Strizz, Stacey, did you also use the “email us if this picture’s inappropriate” link on that psycho’s webpage?

  • Yeah. Don’t you know email is bad. I’m never gonna do it again.

  • RazDreams

    over and out (quite possibly for good, to your complete delight, i’m sure…too much hate here).

  • Thanks Raz. Glad we got that under control and all cleared up. 10-4 big buddy.


  • and on international women’s day!!
    what the hell is wrong with people.
    heather, i know you don’t take any of those letters to heart, but if ever you have even a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy moment where you think that such cruel words could be true…. YOU know and WE know they aren’t. we love you. and some people are just an unimaginable kind of bad that it knocks your socks off.
    i would really inform his company of that. just to fucking stick it to him.

  • M

    Leta is too adorable for words, yet again. Jon remains scrumptious, albeit no longer bearded.

    And the bits about the ben-wa balls and the deli counter… put my powerbook in jeopardy of coffee spew, thankyouverymuch.

    (no comment re: troll; it’s gotten too much attention already)

    Heather, you kick ass.

  • Ern

    Spamming someone’s FAKE, STOLEN journal and photos IS fun! Everyone else should go try it too!

    Here it is again!


  • I love Amanda B even if don’t agree on everything.

    Susan I didn’t think you meant that as a joke. Just fess up. It’ll be all good.

  • RazDreams

    um, pork chop (#596), thanks for proving my point (re: #549). you don’t know if that’s the right matt jackson or not. no more than post #470. just e-mail the e-address on dooce’s main page, if you must.

  • So cool, thanks 🙂

  • Kait

    I wonder why the St Helens thing isn’t on CNN yet… even Fark has posted it already.

    I still see Michael Jackson’s ugly mug.

  • Pork Chop

    My money is that he is the Matt Jackson at Protiviti, a subsidiary of Robert Half.

    Here is a forum post from our Matt:
    Apparently he states he went to Washington State University briefly, before he was accepted the US Air Force Academy.

  • Butter gun,

    Live feed there as well.

  • susan- mmmmkay. Sorry, I’m not really the brightest bulb on the tree. Also, that wasn’t funny.

  • googly fun

    One thought: we sure did say “Matt Jackson” a whole bunch in this comments section. Not sure if this ever gets cached by Google, but if so, he gets his own every time someone searches for more information on the guy (which if he really is SO DARN IMPORTANT will be quite often). teehee. Sorry to the other Matts out there though. 🙁

  • susan, it wasn’t clear you were joking. And not everybody thinks that is funny.

    And, dude, I can’t believe you just said Amanda B doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  • AndiMAC

    Blah, its been a long day for me. Lovely to see the beeee-u-ti-ful Leta up top. I love her best in those pig tails tho…Please Heather, more pigtails!

  • Stacey,

    Where can I find the St. Helens info?

  • I love this little gem from her bio page

    *”I’d rather be hated for who I am
    Than loved for who I am not”*

  • Jen

    E-mail is NEVER private. That’s all there is to it.

  • Amanda B – it was a joke. Making fun of all the people who were riding the ‘gay’ thing.

    Jeez. Get a sense of humor wouldja?

  • sue

    dooce, make sure you use your voice for good. you have such a major influence in so many peoples lives. just be careful.

  • spamming picture albums = fun. 😉

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