An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

He loves her, he really does

  • How dare you, Heather?!?
    Write something that will make me sob and ruin the make-up I just applied. Right in the middle of PMS week.

  • Me


  • awesome.

  • Bucky, you always hear that song, its that chip they put into your brain, remember?

    Oh wait, I guess you wouldnt.

  • erin

    Aww…a canine washcloth for Leta! Makes it easier for Chuck to get his recommended daily value of baby food when they’re both on the floor, eh? 🙂
    Have a great weekend, House of Blurbodoocery.

  • Me


  • A dog!

    A baby!

    A dog AND a baby! *heart explodes*

  • Ah, Chuck photo and a story that gives me shivers and makes my arm hair stand on end.

    Must be “Chuck Friday – now with more pulp”.

    I’m so happy for all of you.

  • Laura

    “I wouldn’t want to be doing anything other than this right now.”
    Bravo Heather! I loved this post. Sometimes I get sick of reading about people who feel they have to skydive right into the Amazon river in order to get any adrenalin at all in their lives.
    There is so much joy in the small things.
    Thanks for the make-me-smile morning post!

  • I LOVE this one. It’s brightening my rainy morning here.

  • kel

    This photo should totally be framed and hung on the wall. It’s really beautiful.

  • Such a wonderful picture. Chuck and Leta are so lucky to have each other. Even if she does pull his tail, sometimes. I do think he looks like he really loves her.

  • Cheryl

    Chuck is so sweet to let Leta pull the collar around his neck… this is probably done numerous times of day and Chuck is thinking… “Yeah go ahead, I’m just the dog.”

  • hiiidihooo

    he seems intent on finding out what she wants him to do. not surprising since i’ve heard she slips him food :).

  • Chuck: “Hey now Sista, that be MY BLING from my baby Mama. You gets your own. Word.”

  • Hh my god, Heather u want to kill us with THAT MUCH CUTENESS, awww Leta, awww chuck

    kisses to both of them

  • You can just imagine it “LookChuck that’s a door, you open it and we’ll make a break for it!” So cute – who says brothers and sisters can’t get on, just because my brother and I don’t!

  • There’s no chip in my head!
    No, wait….

    Nah, just a poker chip. Rough game.

    Wait, there’s a V-chip. For Virgin.

  • Henryk_

    A V?????

  • Mir


    Why is the song “Happy Together” stuck in my head, now?

  • I really like this photo. Chuck is so emotive, even in profile.

  • My bad dog Snickers makes that same face when he’s comin’ in for the kiss. Of course, we’re usually duckin’ if he’s aimin’ for our faces. Babies aren’t grossed out by the whole “he ate poop and then kissed me” concept yet.

  • Henryk_

    I never let a dog lick me on the face especially when you see they like to lick their balls!

  • Ball Licking dogs and ass eating cats should never be allowed to touch faces. EVER.

  • cute photo

  • rs

    I love a story that shows the love without being sloppy and self-satisfied–thanks Heather. But there’s nothing more beautiful than a dog. Happy Friday!

  • I can’t wait until we move into a real house where we can have a puppy. My 18-month-old Molly is OBSESSED with puppys–everytime she sees one, her tonge lags out and she makes that puppy-panting sound. So cute!

    Leta’s a doll!

  • What about shit eating dogs? GROSSNESS ALERT.

  • DM


    Great. I go from laughing over Manchurian to crying. I love your brutal honesty and also am on what I affectionately call happy pills so I get what you’re talking about. A few months ago, everything seemed so hard and nothing ever seemed to go right. Now I’m actually eager to greet the day and see what it brings.

    Thank God for Effexor and for your family. You were one of the highlights in my other dreary existence. I’m so happy you and Jon are together and have Leta.

  • It was the wood. The wood was green.

  • Posts like that and pictures like this are why I keep coming back. Thanks Heather.

  • Looks like she’s grown a lot… long legs.

  • This has been the LONGEST week. Thank UPPERCASE GOD that it’s finally Chuck Friday!! (Although that Chuck fix on Wednesday was pretty damn nice too).

    That’s a really sweet picture, it looks like Chuck is about to plant a big wet one on Leta.

  • Muffy

    This is SO MUCH BETTER than reality tv. Thanks for sharing (almost)everything, Heather.

    (And people probably told you, “What are you going to do with an English degree?”)

  • dänika

    that’s the first picture i’ve seen wherein Chuck looks HUGE.

    adorable kids, both of them.

  • awwwwww

    Chuck and Leta Friday!

  • J.A.C.K.

    I’m sleepy, but that picture made me feel awake. Thank you Leta & Chuck-a-lucka.

    Have a nice Friday people.

  • Jo

    Leta: ‘I want that necklace, doggy!’
    Chuck: ‘Someone get this kids hands offa me…’

  • Elegant Goose

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve made the top 100…

    I always thought Chuck was tiny… he looks so big next to Leta. I thought he was like lap-dog size! Weird.

    My bf and I also do that ridiculous arguing about silly stuff like that. I love it! I usually lose, but that’s ok. (He’s so CUTE when he’s indignant!)

  • giggles


    It’s lovely to know that you are so happy. We’ve known that you’re doing better – your stories have been great and the photos…ah, the photos have been inspiring as well.

    The combination of reading your post and seeing your lovely children (yes, Chuck is family) exudes peace and calm and happiness.

    Thank you for sharing. We love it all!

  • Woe

    SOOOOOO precious!

  • Happy Chuck Friday! (finally!)

  • Great picture, wonderful post.

    As usual!

    Yay Chuck Friday!

  • beautiful post! Im was already feeling super emotional after a bad evening, reading your words just made me cry again. (but in a good way) Thank you, you give me the hope that one day I will find “him” too!! 🙂

  • I think Chuck is getting ready to lick Leta right up. She must have shoved the last bite of pop tart in her mouth a split second before this picture was taken and now Chuck knows it’s in there and it isn’t swallowed yet and there’s still hope that she’ll open that mouth and he can snatch it out.

    Yay for Chuck Friday!

  • A baby’s got my dingo!

  • Oh, so cute. I love seeing a full pic of her sitting up; she’s definitely got your legs.

    Somehow, it looks like in the next moment, Chuck is going to give Leta a big slurp on her face.

    The sunlight coming in through the window really adds a nice touch.

  • deleted

    Of course he loves her!

    How could he not?

  • Vaida

    Why was I not able to see any posts to yesterdays Stepping Stone Picure?? Not all day!

  • Photo goes so well with the last post. Dogs, babies and families who love each other and know how blessed they are. That’s the good stuff. (sniff.) Oh, I hear Aaron Neville singing,
    “I don’t know much; but I know I love you, and that may be all I need to know.”

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