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August 2, 2005

To all the girls I’ve loved before

I’m going to go ahead and get this first part out of the way already and just let you know that after Maggie picked me up from the airport she drove for over 15 minutes in the wrong direction. I flew into Oakland and she…

You really don’t want to know

Click on the picture of Alice and Mrs. Kennedy below to see my photos from Blogher: I will write more about my experience later when Leta pretends to take a nap, plus I have a whole slew of other pictures to post from San Francisco…

Mena Fucking Trott, people

Maggie took this shot of Mena during my panel. In fact, I didn’t care if Maggie took one picture of me during my panel as long as she got one of Mena, all because when Leta is old enough I can show her this picture…