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The polar ice caps aren’t melting, they’re just relocating here

Jon and I headed up to a ski resort on Saturday to do some boarding, and since it was my first trip this season my stomach was a tangled stew of anxious flip-flops, a welcome feeling because sometimes I think the Prozac works too well,…

January 17, 2007

Oliver, daily: 12 January 2007

Oliver, daily: 12 January 2007 Leta looked over and saw this on my screen and screamed, “THE BABY! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BABY?!” And I told her that this baby obviously has a bad hangover.

Japanese Foliage Photoshop brushes

Japanese Foliage Photoshop brushes From the same designer who created the foliage brushes I have used in the creation of several mastheads. These are going to be so much fun to use. Can’t wait.