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Thou shalt not misrepresent thy husband

During the opening weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, Jon and I were invited up by a few friends to see the John Legend concert and then hit a few of the other parties. We weren’t in Park City for more than a couple of…

January 29, 2008

Palm-sized hippo figurine

I have searched all over Target’s website and I cannot find these anywhere, but I bought this hippo and a tiny elephant at their annual Global Bazaar, which means if there are any at your local Target they won’t be there for long. Because they’re…

Dog Beach in Coronado

Turns out Coco’s hair is a lot like mine in that it gets very unmanageable and frizzy in humidity. Need to get some product into her coat ASAP.

I think this one has seen a camera before

This was one of Leta’s favorite corners of SeaWorld, even though at first she screamed I DON’T WANT TO SEE THE SEALS! When she realized that they weren’t going to jump over the protective wall and cover her with goo she calmed down and became…