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Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life

This was my birthday present from Jon, the definitive monograph of Charley Harper’s work, edited by Todd Oldham. I’ve had this on my wish list ever since it was released, and was so surprised and thrilled when I opened it last week particularly by the…

July 24, 2008

Eats things that would make a billy goat puke

So the consensus is that Jon is totally wrong! wrong! wrong! in his opinion of First Blood. And not only do many of you agree that for its time it was a fantastic action movie, but you also confessed that you, too, had a thing…

“Playing stickers”

Leta: “Mom, will you play stickers with me?” Me: “How do you play stickers?” Leta: “You just do.” Me: “But I need to know how.” Leta: “Can you stop talking now?”