An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Because he ran out of space under his pillow

Me: “Why do we need a refrigerator in the garage?” Jon: “Trust me.” Me: “We won’t even fill half of it.” Jon: “You’ll see.”

July 29, 2008

Blue flower quilt

Before anyone sends me an email that says, Heather, are you aware that there are stains on that quilt? Eww? You should know that I’ve had this thing dry cleaned twice, and if I do it one more time it’s going to fall apart. I…

Both of them will be submitting a W-9 next year

The best part about this photo session is the part you can’t see, how Coco is sitting not two feet out of frame being as still as she can be because she knows she won’t get to share in the bounty if she so much…

Not necessarily a better liar, but at least she’s getting creative

Jon has been experimenting with his grilling technique this week, and Sunday night he almost set the house on fire. We bought a set of cedar planks on which to grill (free range, ethically grown, lulled to sleep every night with a gentle nursery rhyme)…