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Limited Edition 2009 Birdie Desk Calendar

Recently I did a search for 2009 calendars on Etsy and came across hundreds of adorable desk calendars including this one from a shop called Joom. I’ve mentioned before that I love to have several calendars placed around the house for easy reference, and this…

November 19, 2008

At least they have each other

I imagine that when Chuck realizes we’ve brought home another baby he’s going to sulk and refuse to talk to us for a few weeks. And Coco? I think her brain may explode with the task of keeping track of four humans. I won’t find…

Total cliche

If I didn’t consciously limit myself to four of these at a time I would eat the whole jar in one sitting. Thank God they sell them in bulk at Costco.

Internet, I’m craving Doritos

I had a sonogram this morning, and everything looks wonderfully normal. The last several weeks have been totally nerve-wracking, and I cannot describe the relief I felt seeing two tiny hands waving about and a steady, rhythmic heartbeat. Due date is June 14th.