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At least he doesn’t call her Coco

  • Congratulations, she is beautiful. Our first was put in the hospital in the “light box” for jaundice and I thought I would die. Our second got to bring home the biliblanket. So much better without the nurses always watching you to make sure you don’t “mess with the babies treatment”.

    In blog form, you are a great mom – aren’t we all?! Keep up the good work, both girls are lovely.

  • So beautiful. I would not have even noticed that he called her Leta. You are so lucky.

  • Alicia

    My mom would make it through about 3 or our 5 names before finally yelling, “Dammit you know your name. Come here!”

  • Just when I said I didn’t want anymore babies… sheesh-o-man, that’s a cute kid. And so quiet! Heavenly Father is being so nice to you guys right now (ha ha).

  • That girl is going to be a concert pianist with those LONG fingers. She’s ADORABLE!

    and let’s all give Jon some slack. At least he got a female in the family…

  • Kristen

    My first had a billibed. I sobbed because I couldn’t hold him, sobbed because he couldn’t wear his cute tiny clothes, sobbed because I hadn’t slept in a week, sobbed everytime they stuck his foot. It got better but the glowing days were the hardest.

  • Our fourth (last) baby is a month and a day older than your gorgeous Marlo. He will be lucky if he can even discern his name from everything we call him. He’s 5 weeks old, and I honestly can barely remember his name. He gets called his brothers’ names, his sister’s name, the name of the cat, even the two dogs we had until we moved 8 months ago. When I want to be really specific, I call him “the baby.”

  • Jaxon

    Jon, that was so adorable. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched this thing just to hear you two murmur to each other. It’s just too cute.

  • Yvonne

    You know, I told myself two kids was my limit. Now, I’m not so sure. She is so sweet, it really makes me miss those first days at home with them. Good luck, she is beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Marlo looks very smart – I bet she’ll be an early blogger.

  • Congratulations!

    I used to chuckle when my grandma ran through the names, and now I do it. Lu, Moj, Cait…Isabella (finally the right one…hehe)!

    Mojo and Caitlyn are our cats so Coco might eventually make it into the mix.

  • A-me

    I love her voodoo fingers.

  • Perfection!! (silently thrilled that she’s finally in the world so that mucous plugs and their posts are a thing of the past).

    Congrats to the whole family!!

  • She is just too beautiful. Congrats again.

  • Anonymous

    She is so precious.. my oldest, Isabelle weighed 7 lb 15 oz and had to have the glowworm blanket… in fact 3 of the 4 did and we called them all our little glowworms.. anyway, the more you nurse her the more she will poop out the bili stuff, nurse and poop nurse and poop!!!! thats her job!! (and sleep) Also sitting in the sun by a window indoors, or outdoors in the shade (indirect sun) helps too.

  • aww that is such a precious video! the quality of it is astounding and the moment seems so serene and peaceful. congrats again!

  • Helen

    Oh she looks wise. Like a little buddha.

  • Wonderful vid. Marlo has the most exquisite hands. Her fingers are so long! What a beautiful girl and what a sweet peek into such a tender and funny moment.

  • awe!!! She is so adorable! Marlo is an awesome name too!
    Don’t feel bad, my husband called me our Labradors name a couple of times, Gee, my name is Garth now. LOL

  • Pam

    She is beautiful! Congrats to you all and welcome to Marlo!

    I had to laugh at the gloworm comment as that’s exactly what I called my son when he was born and had to have the lights!

  • Cyn

    I had SWORN never to have children, but your little Marlo is so breathtakingly beautiful that she FORCES me to reconsider.

    These little moments are so magical, no matter what name they go by!

  • Melissa

    Congratulations to all!

    I have four kids. My husband knows all their names, but he doesn’t know which name goes with which kid.

    Many fabulous days ahead!

  • Erin

    Dang it! Why did we have that vasectomy! Truly a beautiful blessing from God.

  • My daughter had the bilibed and blood draws for a week too. No fun but she seemed to love it. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl 🙂

  • She’s amazing Heather. Thanks for sharing such intimate moments with us.

  • so precious. i just love her.

  • dionne

    Heather she is gorgeous!!! 🙂

  • My oldest was called Abby Anton EJ! today. EJ being his actual name the other two are his siblings. It does not get better.

    She is wonderful and that is a beautiful image of daddy’s hands holding her.

  • Katie D

    You just made my uterus ache. My kids are now 4 and 6-years old and oh how I miss that newborn stage. Marlo is beautiful and perfect. Oh, and I confuse my kids names, too, and they are a boy and a girl!

  • Beth

    I’m 41 and my mom still calls me my older sister’s name all the time. It doesn’t even phase me anymore. As the youngest of seven I’m just grateful that at least it’s a girl’s name.

  • Is it my imagination or does that child have incredibly long fingers? Piano lessons!

  • Sarah

    I’m Sarah, my younger sister is Esther, and through most of my life I’ve heard “Es-Sarah!”.

    “Mar-Leta” isn’t far behind.

    Congrats, btw. She’s adorable.

  • Brandy

    Why does this make my womb itch? Geesh, my baby turned one today, this isn’t helping!

    She’s absolutely stunning, congratulations to all of you!

  • Ellie

    At least he didn’t do what my dad did a few years ago (in my late 20s). He introduced me to his friends at a party as “Debbie,” which is his sister’s name. Basically, it could be worse. My brother is occasionally called (again, by my dad) a dog’s name–usually one of ours that has been dead for years. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Makes me very excited for my nephew’s birth in September.

  • KimmyK

    She is beautiful!!! Congratulations:)

  • OH she is lovely. So little, and I love that everything is in slow-mo accompanied by jerks at that age. Such a sweet moment.

  • Thank you so much for sharing. Some of my favorite baby vids of my kids is moment like this when they were so tiny and they didn’t quite figure out what was going on. I got a little teary eyed (still am as I type).

    My husband and I constantly use the wrong names with our kids. Especially when #2 came home and we had only had one name to use 4 years prior 🙂

  • lynn

    Marlo is sooooo incredibly cute!!! And yes, Heather, she does indeed resemble your dad! I love the videos…keep them coming as you have time. Oh, and her initials are Mia which is really cute, too. 🙂 Congrats again!

  • I *love* the very quick “I knew that!” Classic. 😀 At first I couldn’t hear what he said and was just content to comment on the cute little “ah” noise she makes at the beginning of the video. Man, babies are cute. 🙂

  • Love it. And I think she looks like Jon. Like I would know.

    And P.S. Declan was jaundiced for a long while. Fun times.

  • rb

    Why is she so pretty?? Why is she not all squishy like a newborn? You must share your L&D story so that we can know how you accomplished this.

  • How absolutely precious!

  • WendyPinNJ

    Awwwwwwwwww. She just ate, didn’t she? I remember that contended, wide awake time after their bellies are filled!

    So key-ute. Congratulations.

    Oh, and the name thing, look forward to that for the rest of your life!!! I have three and rarely EVER get it right the first, or even second, try. And yes, sometimes I call them by the dog’s name!

    She’s beautiful.

  • KRistina

    She is PRECIOUS.

  • AmyM

    What a beauty, and such long fingers. When my dad called us, he’d go through all of my siblings names and the dogs’ names before he got to mine. I now find myself doing the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Marlo is very beautiful. A really adorable little baby glo-worm. Congratulations!

  • Ha! My dad STILL calls me Heidi sometimes (my ten years older than me half sister).

  • Yea, we’re not the only ones!

  • Wendee

    Classic name confusion! It only gets worse the older they are and more frustrated you get with them! =o) LETA, MARLO, WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS?!?!? Get in here, who did this! LOL

  • Holli

    I am almost 30, been married for a few years and seriously considering having a baby soon…that video is a good example of why. Beautiful.

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