An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


The Daily Chuck this week may just end up being an homage to all the animals we met while in Mexico (note: I said MET not TOUCHED). This is as close as Jon would let me get to any of the cats, even though most…

January 31, 2011


He eventually rubbed the sunscreen all the way in, sort of. Actually, not at all. Which means his face matched the color of my entire body.


We’re back! From one of the most spectacular weeks of our lives! And I’m going to write a completely useless sentence just so that I can include one more exclamation point in this paragraph! We went to Mexico, but since I want to write about…

Long lost cousin

We’ve had many people remark that Chuck looks like a feral dog, and one canine expert once told us that he is basically every dog in the world boiled down to one. But to see real feral dogs… and have to do an actual double…


What? Would you exhibit any dignity on a warm beach in January? (Yes, there is a bathing suit underneath that coverup. DIRTY MINDS. ALL OF YOU.)