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A peek inside our day, the fourth hour

(The first fifteen minutes can be seen here. The first hour is here, the second hour is here, the third hour is here.) So this hour is the most boring of the day, and I could pretty much just list it out like this: interruption,…

April 25, 2011

Tis the season

Ugh. The Shedding has begun. So has the furminating. I’m leaving the hair in the yard in case some birds need some materials for a nest or maybe an art project. Hey, birds! Set up an Etsy shop!

Marlo meets Maisie

Yesterday we attended an Easter egg hunt at Kate’s house, and both Marlo and Leta got to meet the chickens. As expected, Leta was not at all interested, but Marlo… she wanted to consume the room. We got to hold the one they named Vivien,…