Big Cottonwood Canyon

Up by Silver Fork

On Monday night I took a hike up in Big Cottonwood Canyon after a day of pouring rain, conference calls, a mountain of email whose summit at times is completely obscured, and two deadlines I managed to meet. Barely. Everyone told me to soak up the time I have away from my girls, and I’ve been doing a good job of that when I can escape what has become this raging beast of, “But we need it now,” or “Wait, didn’t I tell you we needed it yesterday?” and “That’s great that you want to get paid for your work, but we were really hoping to get this for free.”

Yes. Free buys groceries. As does that t-shirt you sent me that you want me to review on my BLAHG.

Someone gave me this “adventure” flask as a gift, so I took a little bit of Kentucky with me into the mountains of Utah, my history and present merging in an exquisite moment.

August landscape

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This place is at its most magnificent in summer. As much as I love to travel and as much travel as I still have to do, I’m a tad sad that I don’t get to spend more of this season here. So grateful for this break in the clouds.