Stuff I found while looking around


– The flickr stream of Paolo Barzman

Newspaper Pages cut like embroidered lace by Myriam Dion

– Short, surprisingly haunting film: “Imagine an empty worrying Paris.”

Cats That Look Like Male Models

11 Ways I’m Trying to Achieve a Sane Relationship With the Internet:

1. Don’t wake up with the Internet. Have breakfast, walk the dog, read a book, whatever … do something before getting online. Think of it as a way of preparing – physically, mentally, emotional, morally, etc. – for all that follows.

– Photo: Massachusetts officers salute police dog on his final trip to the vet.

– From Banksy: Random graffiti given a Broadway makeover (an ongoing series).

“My Bloody Valentine leader raises possibility the mid-90s pop movement was part of an establishment conspiracy.” Do what?

– Related: Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Paul Weller perform “Tender”

– You’re not a dog person? You will be after this.

– One of the many reasons to love this man: John Hodgman Retweets Dozens Of Health Nightmares

– Meet two cancer patients whose treatment is on hold due to US gov shutdown: an 8yo girl, and a father of 3

Capitol Shooting Coverage Is Getting Postpartum Depression All Wrong:

Our country continues to stigmatize mentally ill people instead of questioning whether it might be a good idea to provide them with more and higher quality services instead of killing and incarcerating them.

What is postpartum depression?

Library of Congress shouldn’t exist because, “All that stuff is published online, bro.”

The Overexposed Model: Portfolio of the unknown overexposed model. You know you love me.

Adorable Baby White Lion Cub Perfects Her Fierce Roar

A few of my favorite recent tweets: