Rhythm is gonna get you

The girls’ friends Lola and Gigi had a sleepover on Friday night, and for hours and hours on Saturday they played “school” and “house” and “maids.” That last one blew my mind a bit because they pretended they operated a house cleaning business and cleaned up three different rooms. I’m going to encourage this entrepreneurial spirit and point them in the direction of a few closets.

In between all of that they got on the gaming system and took turns playing a certain dance game. Two participants hold remotes in their hands and compete by trying to mimic the dance moves on the screen. Marlo has a lot of rhythm, yes, and I have in my more insane moments considered signing her up for drum lessons. But that rhythm hasn’t yet translated to Beyoncé levels of boogie. However, she held her own here against Lola and they tied several times. I was just happy she didn’t get frustrated and throw the remote straight at the television. It’s the little things, you know?

And for those of you with the title of this post bouncing around in your brain, just embrace it: