Gary Oldman

Stuff I found while looking around


– The Big Picture commemorates World Water Day 2013

– House across from Westboro Baptist Church is painted with gay pride rainbow colors

“And we kept saying how we’d never stay in Los Angeles forever, how it’s not a forever-place.”

And when it’s the first day of spring and it’s not snowing and it’s overcast but it’s not cold, not cold the way that other people know cold and live with cold, we will just wander out of the house in whatever with our hair saying whatever and our faces saying whatever and our mouths saying whatever.

– I love watching golf when I’m asleep.

Henry Rollins on the Steubenville rape verdict:

Some might say that the two going to the youth facility are as much victims as the young women who was assaulted. I do not agree. The two are offenders. What they did was obviously wrong. That being said, we cannot end the discussion at that point and expect things to change.

– This is so nerdy it shouldn’t work but it does: Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

A Set of Penguin style book covers re-imagined for Quentin Tarantino’s screenplays

A dog photobombs every picture in a rental listing. The photo of the bedroom is the best.

– I wish this didn’t surprise me: popular science blog is run by a woman – to the surprise of some on Facebook

“My fellow dudebros: Chillax. In science, sex is just a single genome characteristic.”

An illustrated Star Wars family tree


Games Kittens Play

The winner is the cat that smacks the other cat around the face the most times without getting smacked as many times in return. It is also possible to win by giving up and simply walking away with one’s tail in the air.

– A very NSFW supercut of Gary Oldman losing his shit

Modern friendship

– The snooze button can do more damage than good? SHUT UP, SCIENCE.

Matt Haig: 30 things that every writer should know

There is no modernist stream-of-consciousness novel harder to get through than a ‘Publisher-Author Agreement’.

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