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Haïti …52 Weeks plus: From one year spent in Haïti, 2011-2012

When the Irish taste American snacks

6 Rocky movies that explain American politics:

Call it the Rocky principle. A film in which the heavyweight champ easily bests the unknown contender due to a mix of his superior physical gifts and vastly superior training resources would have flopped. A much less realistic film in which sheer grit and determination are all it takes is a classic.

– I could not possibly love this more: voice impersonator Marc Martel performs a duet by Freddie Mercury and Luciano Pavarotti

– INFOGRAPHIC: The Guide to Star Trek Uniforms

No, Seriously, How Contagious Is Ebola?

– Video of a baby elephant takes a tumble and three adult elephants rush to help. This should be required watching for anyone traveling to a destination where elephant rides are a tourist attraction.

– I am only posting this because it has a happy ending BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE STOPPED CRYING NOPE NOT AT ALL: the amazing rescue of a dog who had fallen into a pool of hot tar. Yep, still crying.

White Mom Who Sued Sperm Bank Over Black Baby Needs To Get A Grip:

Her demands are rooted in fear. They are stuck in the muck and mire of racism and the purity of white lineage. They are ignorant and every bit as lazy as an old, dusty dog laying on a wraparound porch on a hot Southern afternoon. She’s a white woman who had a Black baby and she simply cannot fathom dealing with what it means to, in essence, be a Black mom, having to navigate and negotiate a racist world on behalf of a human she bore, in an environment of which she is a product.

David Cameron, Rap Artist

– INFOGRAPHIC: How Publishing Works

– If these 35,000 walruses can’t convince you climate change is real, I don’t know what to tell you

What David Fincher doesn’t do

– You know what a sucker I am for dancing: Top 10 Movie Dance Scenes Of All Time

Rolling In The Deep (The Aretha Version)

– Baseball. Hot dogs. Apple pie. Facial hair: the average hairiness of every team in baseball

A western cover of the theme song to “Game Of Thrones”


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