Golden Light

New Tunes – Twin Shadow

I think I’m breaking a rule here by featuring a musician I’ve already written about once, but screw it. This is my website and I make the rules and now I am defying myself! TAKE THAT, DOUCHE.

I cannot get enough of the new album Confess by Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr. It’s heavily, heavily influenced by 1980s new wave but has enough of a modern heart to it that you would think he had invented the sound himself.

It reminds me of sitting in the passenger seat of my sister’s car, listening to her favorite radio station in the Eighties, driving around in the sticky Memphis heat. There are two songs in particular that will end and I’m compelled to hit the “previous” button. First, “Golden Light,” I can barely even handle its brilliance. There’s a subtle percussion noise in here that sounds like it’s being played by a high school drum line and I love it so much I want to squeeze the guts out of it:

Second song is “Run My Heart” and oh my god he has taken some of the worst parts of Eighties music and turned it into this glorious exploration of misery and heartache: