High Highs

New tunes

This installment could quite simply be the song from Future Islands featured over and over again as it is what I have on repeat at the moment. This song will most definitely make it into my top ten songs of the year, no doubt. Give it a few plays, let it consume you like it consumed me when all of a sudden you’re like ELTON JOHN OH MY GOD. You knew it sounded like something but couldn’t place it, and then BOOM. There it is. That is Elton John. Elton John is singing that chorus and it could not possibly be more glorious. Nor could their performance on Letterman. More lead singers should be this adorable:


Future Islands
Website: future-islands.com
Twitter: @futureislands

Track: “Seasons”


High Highs
Website: highhighs.com
Twitter: @highhighs

Track: “Milan”


Bombay Bicycle Club
Website: bombaybicycleclubmusic.com
Twitter: @bombaybicycle

Track: “It’s Alright Now”


Gem Club
Website: gemclub.com
Twitter: @gem_club

Track: “Hypericum”


Vance Joy
Website: vancejoy.com
Twitter: @vancejoy

Track: “Riptide”